When it comes to the Kaepernick situation, everybody has a different opinion on whether his protest is right or wrong. However, many people seem to have strong opinions regardless of their level of knowledge on the subject. One of these heavily opinionated people happens to be the current President of the United States, who strongly believes that Kaepernick's movement is disrespectful to the flag and what it represents.

President Trump seems to be under the impression that the majority of people agree with his views, however, he fails to even acknowledge those who do not.

Recently, Nick Saban has revealed that he is one that does not agree with President Trump. Overall this was an unexpected revelation, but the respected coach responded to the questions with grace and educated opinions.

The question came from a caller that was a retired military veteran, who was interested in Saban's opinion on whether or not the protest was disrespectful to military actives and retirees, which is the position President Trump has openly taken. As Saban responds, there are many obvious differences in, not only his views but the way he handles himself when talking about his opinion.

First of all, Saban acknowledges his position by stating that he is "just a football coach" and in no way is a political expert. By doing this, Saban validates his opinions because they are wholly his and not just what he thinks people want him to say. He continues the conversation by saying that he understands that the flag is a symbol of the sacrifices the military has made, but it is also a symbol of the freedoms of the people that the military services to maintain. This is the basis of the protests occurring in the NFL, a side of the story that many fail to recognize.

Instead of responding out of complete emotion, as President Trump has done multiple times, Saban states his opinion while avoiding disrespecting the opinions of others. He understands the influence he has on the people in the state of Alabama and responds to a controversial subject with elegance.

The actual response that Nick Saban gave to this question is not the important piece of this discussion, but the way in which he uses his status to give an appropriate, yet honest response.