​NFL Draft: Winners And Losers

So, I'm not afraid to admit this is my first article I have ever written so I am a bit nervous writing this. However, don't let that discourage you from thinking I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to the NFL Draft. Growing up a die-hard Broncos Fan I have a great appreciation for the sport. With that being said I'm going to try to be objective, but I will not be addressing every pick from the First Round, just the ones I think are best and worst. This piece is my view on the situation, I am not a football recruiter or know the workings of the Organizations listed below.


Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray Overall Pick: 1

Kyler Murray shows his consistent athleticism and determination after choosing football over baseball. His size is the one downside, but while being the same height as Russell Wilson it clearly can be done. Hopefully, the Cardinals will be able to get him some decent targets to allow him to be more successful.

Denver Broncos – Noah Fant Overall Pick: 20

This may be a little biased but not really. The Broncos were smart to not take a first-round quarterback after picking up Joe Flacco in the offseason from the Baltimore Ravens. Trading with the Steelers provided the Broncos with more trade capital again making this an impressive pick. To allow Flacco and the Broncos to succeed pass options were needed and Noah Fant has the athleticism and catching skills that the Broncos Offense greatly needed.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Josh Allen Overall Pick: 7

So this man brought his kid onstage and I loved that, but regardless this is a big pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Getting Nick Foles in the offseason makes the offense look good, but #sacksonville was struggling last year. Allen provides an impressive College resume and will be the scary pass rusher that Jacksonville greatly needs.


Oakland Raiders – Clelin Ferrell Overall Pick: 4

To quote one of the commentators from ESPN "will they [the Raiders] be a convention or be the Raiders?" In my opinion, Clelin Ferrell was a Raider pick, this guy while quick on his feet was not what the Raiders needed with their fourth overall pick, he would have fallen. Who knows what John Gruden is doing out in Oakland?

Atlanta Falcons – Chris Lindstrom Overall Pick: 14

Okay don't get me wrong Lindstrom will be essential to protecting Matt Ryan, but Falcons have you not learned anything about needing a good defense? The Falcons two first-round picks both included offensive line players. Hopefully, they will be working on their defense in following rounds, no one wants the Falcons to blow a 28-3 lead again (besides maybe New England).

Green Bay Packers- Rashan Gary Overall Pick: 12

I swear if the commentators talked about Gary's size one more time I was going to turn off of the TV. I know that size is essential especially as a linebacker, but there was nothing else super phenomenal about this player. Also coming back from an injury like Gary is the possibility of reinjuring it is high.

To those who are on my worst picks, prove me wrong. To those on my best picks PLEASE prove me right. To everyone in the NFL Draft round 1 to round 7 and the undrafted free agents, I wish you the best of luck (except when you are playing the Broncos).

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