2018 NFL Season: Week 2

2018 NFL Season: Week 2

Another tie and a smattering of upsets.


Week 2 of the 2018 NFL season featured plenty of action to discuss, from another surprising tie due to another missed field goal at the last minute to several upsets. It is safe to say that none of us expected this season to start as it has for numerous teams. There is a lot to be discussed, and who knows how this will affect certain teams moving forward. Of course, this is the NFL, so one can never be 100% sure of anything, unlike in certain other American sports leagues. With that said, let us dig into some of the more notable games this week.

Kansas City Chiefs 42, Pittsburgh Steelers 37

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes continued his hot start to this season by throwing for 326 yards, SIX touchdowns, no interceptions and a 154.8 passer rating against Pittsburgh. Mahomes broke the NFL record for touchdown passes thrown by a QB over his first three games, despite not throwing one in his first game. In addition, Mahomes threw more touchdowns than incomplete passes. The Steelers fell into a hole early, only to make a comeback with a chance to win. It was not enough, despite QB Ben Roethlisberger having a decent day with 455 passing yards and four total touchdowns, as the Steelers defense was atrocious.

 Cleveland Browns 18, New Orleans Saints 21

Cleveland had multiple opportunities to win this game, but continuously fell short thanks to the woes of kicker Zane Gonzalez, who missed two extra points and two field goals, including one at the end that would have tied the game. The normally potent Saints offense was stifled as the Browns defense stepped up to the plate. The Saints defense was sturdy as well and were a key factor in their victory. A late touchdown pass from Tyrod Taylor to Antonio Callaway to tie the game at 18-18 was thrown to waste as Gonzalez missed the extra point. New Orleans kicked a field goal to take the lead soon after, and the aforementioned miss by Gonzalez decided the outcome.

Minnesota Vikings 29, Green Bay Packers 29

The second tie of the season, this was a rollercoaster of a game at Lambeau Field. Officiating was questionable for both sides, but the outcome largely came down to missed field goals by both teams. Packers kicker Mason Crosby missed a game-winning 52-yard field goal attempt after Minnesota head coach Mike Zimmer called a timeout, sending the game to overtime. Crosby initially made the attempt as the timeout was taken. Minnesota kicker Daniel Carlson missed three field goals, including a game-winner at the end of overtime, leading to his release by the Vikings in the aftermath.

Oakland Raiders 19, Denver Broncos 20

Facing a 19-7 deficit late in the third quarter, Case Keenum led the Broncos to a last-minute victory concluding with a game-winning field goal by Brandon McManus. Denver led for a total of six seconds of game time but prevailed thanks to strong play on both sides of the ball in the fourth quarter, as well as a blocked extra point that proved to be the difference in a one-point victory.

New England Patriots 20, Jacksonville Jaguars 31

Jacksonville made a statement by thrashing New England on their home turf, perhaps most surprisingly with their offense. Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles had a career day, lighting up the Patriots defense with four touchdowns. Tom Brady was shaky for his standards and the Jaguars defense shut down star tight end Rob Gronkowski, limiting him to two receptions for 15 yards.

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It's Time We Gave Collegiate Bands The Same Respect As The Football Team

Collegiate bands are unfortunately overlooked and under-budgeted by their universities. They receive little appreciation, despite being such an important aspect of a college community.


It's a beautiful day in the middle of October, and you're at a college football game. You see the sun shining down on a sea of fans, everyone wearing the home team's colors. The smell of hot dogs, pretzels, and other greasy food drifts through the air, as a cool wind blows against the back of your neck. But what is it that you hear? Overpowering every other sound in the stadium, the band is blaring their brass horns and beating their drums. Invisible but everywhere, the music fills the stadium when the team scores, excites the crowd when the game intensifies and provides the soundtrack to your favorite college traditions.

Now, imagine that game without the band. No one is there to play the fight song when a touchdown is scored, or play a victory tune when your team wins. Yes, there would still be music, but it would only be generic pop stuff playing over the speakers. It wouldn't be the same, because you don't get to experience that special kind of energy that comes from live music. Unfortunately, the band does not get enough credit for what they do. Compared to an athletic team, the band is typically overlooked and under-budgeted — especially by the universities themselves.

While the university is busy pouring all money and attention to athletics, the band is left to scavenge for support. Athletic teams receive millions upon millions of dollars, while the band gets next to nothing. My university's band has resorted to requiring each member to raise money on their own and selling $1 chocolate bars, because they receive so little funding. Just a small cut from the athletic budget would make such a vast difference in the lives of the band members. And it's not like the band doesn't deserve it - they most certainly do, with how much they add to a college community. A college without a band is like a belt with no buckle. With no band, you'd be missing a key piece of unity during a game.

The band and athletic teams work just as hard as the other, and both spend so much of their lives committed to their craft. Just like a football team, the band devotes several hours of their day to practicing. Similar to a basketball team, being apart of the band requires precise coordination. Like a soccer team, it is necessary for the band to have high endurance. And as it is with any type of athlete, it is obligatory for each member of the band to value hard work and determination. And must we not forget, the band is at nearly every sporting event, plus more. Unlike several sports, band is a year-round activity — there is no "off-season."

So you might ask yourself, with such similar characteristics to an athletic team, shouldn't the band receive at least some benefits? But here we are, athletic teams receiving all the money and perks, and the band seeing none of that.

The band is such an important aspect of sporting events and pep rallies and is greatly responsible for the fans' emotions and entertainment throughout a game. Unfortunately, most universities fail to see this and don't appreciate how much a band adds to the atmosphere and energy of a college community. Instead, the band continues to be brushed aside, no matter how talented or entertaining they are. I can only hope that in this day and age, with fine arts starting to gain more recognition, that the band will finally receive the respect they deserve.

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11 Of The Hottest NBA Jerseys To Look Out For This Season

A new season is upon us with new fresh threads.


The new NBA season is finally underway and it will definitely not disappoint as the Warriors look to make a three-peat, new faces will star on new teams and of course, we get to see some amazing jerseys teams will be rocking this year. All 30 teams will have some amazing threads, but here are 11 of the hottest we get to look forward to seeing this year.

1. The Utah Jazz Alternates 

2. The Chicago Bulls City edition jerseys

3. Philadelphia 76ers City edition jerseys

4. Miami Heat City edition jerseys

5. LA Lakers Yellow jerseys

6. Milwaukee Bucks black jerseys

7. Portland Trail Blazers Black jerseys

8. Minnesota Timberwolves jerseys

9. Toronto Raptors "The North" Jerseys

10. Atlanta Hawks white jerseys

11. Orlando Magic city edition jerseys

This season is going to be a big one, as we get to watch old faces on new teams. Like LeBron on the Lakers, DeRozan on the Spurs, and Kawhi on the Raptors. It will also be very interesting to see what dope looking new jerseys all 30 NBA teams will be breaking out this season.

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