A Look At The Newest Toledo Rockets
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A Look At The Newest Toledo Rockets

The dust has settled on National Signing Day.

A Look At The Newest Toledo Rockets
Ian Davis

National Signing Day came and went, one of my favorite college football days of the year. Your favorite B1G Ten team is probably landing some four star recruit out of Indiana that will probably never see playing time because it is the B1G Ten. Here at the University of Toledo if we, yes I say we, get anyone remotely good, we throw a f**king party. Big man on campus? More like don't let this man touch the grown and get hurt. The dust has settled so let's look back at the class of 2016 for your Toledo Rockets.

1. Luke Doerger

Luke Doerger, a 6'3'' 300 pound offensive guard, was the first to fax in his letter to the 419. Doerger anchored an OL that won state two years in a row (La Salle high school in Cincinnati, Ohio). Doerger took AP classes in high school and was accepted into the LaSallian Scholar Institute, which only accepts 20 students a year. The three star guard on most websites had offers from most of the MAC including Ohio U, Miami (OH), Akron and Buffalo, but also received offers from Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Navy and Army.

2. Wille Ross, Jr.

Fullback Willie Ross was next to sign for the Rockets. Ross, a native of Ravenna, Ohio, was once looked at by Wisconsin, Michigan State and Pittsburgh. The two star is a human bowling ball coming in at 6'2'' and 260 pounds. He also played a ton of defensive tackle, which is where Coach Candle sees him playing at the collegiate level.

3. Neru N'Shaka

Playmaking receiver from Hallandale, Florida; Neru N'Shaka was a huge steal for the Rockets. The three star receiver had offers from Bowing Green, Northern Illinois, Marshall, Virginia and others. N'Shaka is only 5'11'' 175 pounds but could be the next Corey Jones in a few years. He's small but has great acceleration when the ball gets in his hands. With a nose for the end zone, he had 35 catches in his high school career, 18 going for touchdowns.

4. David Hood

One of the two defensive tackles in this class, Hood weighs in at a healthy 273 pounds. Somebody get this kid in the weight room, he could gain ten pounds of muscle and be a projected beast in the middle of the defense. Offered by Stanford, Kent State, and BG; the big man had 88 tackles his junior year. Teammate of Keelen Roberts in high school.

5. Justin Clark

Lock down corner Justin Clark also signed with the Rockets. Clark is a 5'11'' 165 pound corner from West Bloomfield, Michigan. Coach Candle believes that Clark can shut down the the other teams best receiver. Clark was also offered by the team Toledo took down during the bowl, Temple and you can see why in his highlights, as the DB runs a 4.6 40 yard dash, and had 40 tackles his senior year.

6. Keidren Davis

Long and athletic tight end Keidren Davis marked his name on his letter to come play football at UT. Davis, a 6'5'' 215 pound monster, projects as the next red zone target for the Rockets. The two star tightend also played varsity basketball during his high school career.

7. Dedarollo Blue

Physical defensive back Dedarollo Blue inked his name for the Rockets today. The 5'10'' Blue clearly isn't scared to hit someone as he ranked in 90 tackles, 28 tackles for lost, and 13 sacks during his high school career. Three star DB Blue was one of the recruits old Rockets Coach Matt Campbell wanted to follow him to Iowa State.

8. Zach Ford

The Rockets keep up recruiting in Cleveland well as two star corner Zach Ford comes to us from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He's the biggest DB the Rockets signed at 6'1'', Ford can match up with the taller receivers. We already like him because he was asked to play football at Bowling Green and said no.

9. Obi Anunkie

Obi Anunkie played wide receiver in high school and did it well, with 65 catches and 11 touchdowns. But the Rockets want to flip him into a defensive end. 6'4'' 215 Anunkie could be red shirted his freshman year to spend more time in the weight room to fill out as a DE. Anunkie also ran track and played basketball in high school.

10. Edrick Mathews

How bout a 273 pound DT? That is what you get with big DT Edrick Mathews. Three star D-Linemen from Detroit, Michigan was awarded all state honors by USA Today. He has the ability to stop the run and get to the quarterback. He shows great speed and block shedding as he ate up running backs and quarterbacks with 34 tackle for loss, and 12 sacks in high school.

11. Shakif Seymor

"He can score every time the ball is in his hands."- Coach Candle said about two star running back Shakif Seymore. Seymor ushed for over 3,000 yards in high school and was offered by other MAC schools such as Buffalo, Western Michigan, Miami (OH) and Kent State. Seymore just adds to the depth of running talent that the Rockets currently have.

12. Keelen Roberts

Fast cornerback Keelen Roberts joins his high school teammate David Hood as they travel up to Toledo from Florida. The Miami Gardens, Florida the three start resident was offered by BG, Cincinnati, Illinois, and Louisville.

13. Jacquez Williams

Williams could be a diamond in the rough for the Toledo coaching staff. Williams played both sides of the ball in high school, but didn't stand out at one spot. Coach Candle needs to find his spot and let the young Williams grow into it

14. Ronnie Jones

Semifinalist for "Mr.Football" in the state of Pennsylvania, Ronnie Jones is a big find for the Toledo coaches. The three star recruit lead his high school team to the state championship rushing for nearly 2,000 yards last year and scoring 29 touchdowns. Jones picked Toledo over Buffalo, Iowa State (take that Coach Campbell), Kent State and Fordham.

15. Jordan Williams

Williams wants to major in Pre-Law if that tells you anything about his character. Jordan Williams is the only recruit from Texas this year, proving that the UT coaching staff will go anywhere to find great players. Williams recently flipped from Bowling Green to Toledo in the last week.

16. Tre'Shun Wilson

Most put together linebacker the Rockets have signed in a long time. Wilson is a slippery backer that flies around the field looking to hit anything that moves. The two star Montgomery native had 88 tackles, 13 for loss, and five sacks as a senior. He thankfully said yes to the Rockets over Alabama A&M, Colorado State, and Middle Tennessee State.

17. Calvin Jackson Jr.

Another Florida signee, Clavin Jackson Jr marked his name as the newest slot receiver. Jackson has an average speed with a 4.68 forty yard dash, but has plus route running skills. The three star lightning rod can also make ridiculous one handed catches. check out this video:

18. Nevone McCrimmon

Does that name ring a bell? Nevone decided to delay his enrollment to UT until this semester after he was signed last year in the class of 2015. McCrimmon was offered by Boston College and Wake Forest. Another running back into the stable for UT, this one just needed some time.

19. Desmond Phillips

Desmond Phillips played quarterback in high school but Coach Candle is flipping him to receiver for the Rockets. As a rusher, Phillips ran for 668 yards, and eight scores so you can see why Coach Candle sees him as a big threat for the Rockets. From the same county as Keelen Roberts.

20. Tuzar Skipper

Two star Tuzar Skipper is an extremely strong defensive end junior college transfer who will be welcomed with opened arms here at Toledo. Skipper is already enrolled here at UT and will be playing in the spring game this April.

21. Nate Swart

How 'bout another red zone threat with two star 6'5'' tight end Nate Swart. Coach Candle praised not only his ball skills but also his blocking. He caught eight passes for 224 yards and three touchdowns. He played both sides of the ball as a defensive end.

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