A New Trump Filled Dawn

A New Trump Filled Dawn

As Trump is sworn into the presidency myself and more than half of the country is frightened for the future.


Dear Mr, Trump,

You are now the president of the United States Of America, one of the most power countries in the free world. Although I didn't vote for you and think everything that comes out of your mouth is trash I do wish you luck during your presidency. I hope that you can prove me wrong and that you really were suppose to win the election (even though the Russian government intervened a little bit). Even though I think you are the scum of the earth and all your policies and the people you are appointing into your cabinet are Wall Street Billionaires that have no idea what is like to be part of the low economic population. Your appointee for the security of Education is a joke. She has no idea what she is doing and has no concept of public schooling, student loans, or the idea of struggling to get education. Which, is awesome for her and her family; but how can a billionaire know how to deal with a student loan program? I am sure Sir that you didn't take that into account when you nominated her or the rest of your cabinet.

I hope that you understand that you are now representing all Americans on the world stage. You are representing all of the people you have disrespected, all the people said that didn't matter, all of the racism and hate that has been promoted during your campaign, and the amount of hatred you have personally spewed out of your mouth. You have to own up to it, you have to live with it, your money will not help you in this situation, and if you take away planned parenthood, ACA, medicare/medicaid, and getting rid of any other services that help the poor, disabled, educating children, and healthcare. Just know if you take away ACA my medication goes up to 50,000 dollars a year. Without my medication I am not a functioning adult and can't be a productive member of society.

So, Mr. Trump as you become president I will you one word of advice; Don't be an idiot and think about other people than just yourself. Prove me wrong; I hope you prove me wrong, because if you don't I hope you are a one term president or even a less than one term president. I hope you leave office within a matter a days because you didn't do your job as president right. But, as the president of the united states I will you luck, courage, and hopefulness that you don't screw up America to badly during your time in office. Just remember one thing; if you screw up all of America will be watching, waiting, and ready for your downfall. Good luck Sir, you will need it.


A disapointed and scared liberal woman

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