10 Ways To Build A Better Pakistan
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10 Ways To Build A Better Pakistan

Some things that should make Pakistan a greater country.

10 Ways To Build A Better Pakistan
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It is no doubt that Pakistan needs to restructure itself as a country. It's not just about changing a few laws here and there, Pakistan needs to look at how to rerun the country so it is a better and safer place to live. Basically, it needs an entire new game plan. Even though it's easier said than done, here are some ways I believe Pakistan should seek to change and build itself into a better country.

1. Ban Child labor

My recent visit to Lahore has made me realize how big of an issue this is. Kids should be counting 123s and reciting ABCs, and instead they are selling and begging on the road. All child labor should be eradicated. It doesn’t just sabotage human rights laws and basic human nature, but it also ruins the future of social and economic development for the future of our country.

2. Medical Aid

Pakistan has the second largest population of kids out of school. The country needs to focus less on building large shopping malls and hotels and more on building public school with attainable fees for the poor. Survey shows Balochistan with the greatest number of out of school children. This region also however, is the one with the least schools. And, 70 percent of these children are out of school and our country needs to take better actions to decrease this number. Education will lead our country to better morals, smarter tactics and educated decisions.

3. Women's Equal Rights

The women of Pakistan are extremely talented and inspiring. Women should be taught more to be businesswomen than housewives which can keep the economy booming and improve their quality of life. Woman need to take a stand to change how they are perceived to the world. The government needs to establish better schools for women and create workplace laws to protect women from harassment and sexual predators. We need to encourage the women of our country to be independent and have a voice. This will lead to a stronger and more successful country.

4. Public Health

Pakistan needs to put an end to its drastic maternal and child mortality rate. This is Pakistan’s most devastating and large scale public health issue. Half a million new born babies die each year due to unsanitary situations and uneducated midwives. This number can plummet with the help of training more nurses and midwives. Another major issue in Pakistan’s public aid is nutrition. A whopping 40 percent of children are underweight and many of those also affected by stunting. This is calculated to cost the country three percent of GDP each year, through the shortened productivity of young adults through malnutrition. Our country will thrive when the population is wholesome and healthy.

5. Religious Freedom

Secularism will allow Pakistan to flourish economically and socially on a whole other level. If Pakistan can put citizenship over religion the country will be undeniably more united. Secularism will give Pakistan the human rights push it needs to value all its citizens equally. Pakistan is in dire need of a new rule of law that can help the country progress without tarnishing its religious minorities.

6. Change in Government

The last 65 years of Pakistan’s history have been a tug between democracy and dictatorship (over 30 years in dictatorship). The nation still has not come to a decision as to which form of government would be best for it, a nation that has always been involved in political, social or economic crisis. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said in his speech “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.” It is unjust for someone to assume dictatorship is better for Pakistan’s well being. Surely a governance as reasonable and volatile as democracy would be the best fit for any country. Give the people what they want.

7. Encourage Sports

Pakistan has a grand population of 182.1 million people. In the 2016 Rio Olympics not a single athlete from Pakistan qualified to enter the Olympics. Finland has a population of 5.4 Million people and has received 302 gold medals in the 2012 Olympics. This is just one example of Pakistan not even skimming its potential. Pakistani cricket team cannot receive the home field advantage it needs to flourish in the world cup. A 2014 Blackwell study suggests sports teams gain a 33 percent advantage when playing in their home field. The further they travel the more this percentage goes against them. Our country doesn’t even pertain the means to host a cricket game in its current state of terrorism.

8. Energy Solutions

It's 2016 and Pakistan still suffers from load shedding. Pakistan needs to fund a budget to take care of this problem and look into alternative energy uses. We cannot leave this in the hands of politicians. Schools need to teach children about energy conservation, and our scientists need to focus on creating cheaper energy solutions.

9. Increase Tourism

Pakistan has some of the most breathtaking views and beautiful scenery in the world. Many have compared Azad Kashmir and Skardu to those views of Switzerland. If our country can bring in more outside tourist our economy will be booming.

10. Love your country

Last thing is to take pride in the country you are from. Spread positivity and encourage people to see Pakistan in a different light. Pakistan is rich in culture and cuisine and landscapes. Educate yourself about its history and learn your language. If you can’t love your own country how do you expect others to respect it?

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