4 New AND Good Shows On Netflix For Your Quarantine Entertainment
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4 New AND Good Shows On Netflix For Your Quarantine Entertainment

Having trouble figuring out what to watch next? These new releases on Netflix might just help you out.

4 New AND Good Shows On Netflix For Your Quarantine Entertainment

It's about two months into the coronavirus quarantine, and things are undeniably boring. In accordance with social distancing rules, opportunities for activities and entertainment are pretty limited. That show you've been wanting to finish for a while has now been completed, and the 'Trending' bar on the Netflix home screen is just a daunting task.

Having trouble figuring out what to watch next? These new releases on Netflix might just help you out.

"Never Have I Ever"

This new series follows high school sophomore and first-gen Indian-American Devi Vishwakumar, who, after a traumatic year involving her father's death and being in a wheelchair, is looking for a way to redeem her social status.

She embarks on a mission to win over the coolest guy in school and navigates the new challenges she faces in life along with her two best friends.

Produced by Mindy Kaling, filled with love triangles, humor, and accurate representations of teenhood and grief, this show is sure to please.

Never Have I Ever | Official Trailer | Netflix youtu.be

"Outer Banks"

It's the show that's sweeping the nation and has enough adventure and drama for you to live vicariously through the characters (though maybe only for a day, as you'll probably finish it in that time).

This popular show follows teenagers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina who embark on a treasure hunt to find the secret of who murdered protagonist John B's father -- oh, and a ton of gold. It's the perfect mix of a fun-filled summer and a dramatic mystery and is definitely worth the watch.

Outer Banks | Official Trailer | Netflix youtu.be

"The Half of It"

The new Netflix coming-of-age film adds a new twist to a typical romance plot. Shy Ellie Chu takes it upon herself to help a newly-befriended school jock to win over a girl who he likes.

The catch? Ellie likes her too. It's a beautiful story about friendship, love and sexuality, and racial identity, and is one that will make you feel something again. (Kidding, but not really.)

The Half of It | Official Trailer | Netflix youtu.be

"Too Hot to Handle"

Fine, I'll admit it-- I watched it. This MA-rated reality TV show is an instant guilty pleasure, where, as these bachelors and bachelorettes mingle, they must compete for a $100k prize -- just for being celibate.

For many of the contestants, however, it proves to be a bit of a struggle. If you're looking for a mindless yet enjoyable watch, I would recommend.

TOO HOT TO HANDLE SEASON 1 (2020) - Official Series Trailer | Vague Movie Trailers youtu.be

We're all struggling in this isolation, and at times you may feel discouraged towards the future. But remember that this cannot go on forever, and we will eventually return to normalcy -- and, until then, you have plenty to watch on Netflix.

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