Netflix first launched its interactive content back in April 2016, with the children's show "Kong: King of the Apes." This choose-your-own-adventure show and several other Netflix originals geared towards children had interactive elements but did not allow viewers to choose how the show progressed or ended. But, with the release of Black Mirror's "Bandersnatch," Netflix is working toward appealing to adult viewers with more complex interactive content.

After watching "Bandersnatch" for the first time, I personally wanted to play it again to see which different pathway I face. "Bandersnatch" is about a young man named Stefan in 1980s London who creates a "choose your own adventure" video game called Bandersnatch, and Netflix viewers have the ability to control Stefan's actions to result in different endings. What makes content like this pleasurable is that you am in control of what happens next, which is something you can not gain from any other regular Netflix show. It can either last for 40 minutes, or 90 minutes depending on how far along you go. And what makes it even cooler is that when you play again, you learn more about the story and may get to the point of winning.

Adult interactive content is more than selecting an option. It brings the viewer into the complexity of the show and keeps them engaged all throughout. This is why content like "Bandersnatch" is Netflix's best new marketing strategy. According to The Verge, "It paves the way for a new revenue stream that could be a lifeline for the streaming giant and a natural extension of its existing infrastructure." More competing streaming services, such as Disney+, are coming into existence so Netflix needs a new and fresh method to keep their subscriber and viewing numbers high.

I hope more interactive shows come out on Netflix because it was fun experiencing "Bandersnatch." This was a great move and I am ready for more exciting and innovative shows to appear on my Netflix feed.