My NBA All-Star Selections Final Round
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My NBA All-Star Selections Final Round

Don't Worry. Tacko Falls and Alex Caruso Aren't Present

My NBA All-Star Selections Final Round

NBA All Star Voting has closed as of MLK Day, January 20, 2020. After viewing the latest fan voting results, I have determined which players will be starting and selected as reserves for the All Star Weekend in Chicago on President's Day Weekend.

** This Post Was Created before the starters were announced on 1/23 and the reserves on 1/30

Here were the latest results from online fan voting (per

Some interesting notes:

* Tacko Fall, who has appeared in less than 10 NBA games, has more votes than his starting Celtic teammate Gordon Hayward.

* Alex Caruso, who is a regular on the Lakers' bench has more votes than the starting guards on the LA Lakers, who are not even ranked on the results (Danny Green and Rajon Rondo)

* Stephen Curry has played less than 5 games, but has more vote than Karl-Anthony Towns and Brandon Ingram, who are having career seasons averaging over 25 points per game. D'Angelo Russell, the current Warriors starting Point Guard has less votes as well.

* The leading candidates in each conference will be captains. Last year's captains will look to repeat (assuming there is not a sudden surge of votes since this was taken) in LeBron James of the LA Lakers and Giannis Antetokoumnpo of the Milwaukee Bucks.

* Each conference will get 12 players total to the All Star Game. The 5 starters will be compromised of 2 guards and 3 front court players. 7 reserves will be comprised of 2 guards, 3 front court players, and 2 wild card flex options of any position. If any member is injured, they will be replaced with another player from their same conference who had the most next coach votes. For example, LeBron, who is in the west, cannot be replaced by Giannis, who is in the east.

After considering fan votes, media votes, player votes, coach votes, team winning, individual success, historic trends, and personal opinions, I have made my selections as to who will be announced 2020 NBA All-Stars.

East Starters

G Kemba Walker BOS

G Trae Young ATL

F Giannis Antetokoumpo MIL (Captain)

F Joel Embiid PHI

F Pascal Siakam TOR

East Reserves

Washington Wizards v Miami Heat

G Zach Lavine CHI

G Ben Simmons PHI

F Jimmy Butler MIA

F Bam Adebayo MIA

F Jayson Tatum BOS

W Domantis Sabonis IND

W Kris Middleton MIL

East Injury Reserves (First Cuts from Reserves)

G Bradley Beal WAS

G Kyle Lowry TOR (and Villanova)

G Malcolm Brogdon IND

G Spencer Dinwidie BKN

F Tobias Harris PHI

West Starters

G Luka Donic DAL

G James Harden HOU

F LeBron James LAL (Captain)

F Anthony Davis LAL

F Kawhi Leonard LAC

West Reserves

G Chris Paul OKC

G Russell Westbrook HOU

F Brandon Ingram NOP

F Nikola Jokic DEN

F Rudy Gobert UTA

W Karl-Anthony Towns

W Damian Lillard POR

West Injury Reserves (First Cuts from Reserves)

F Paul George

G Devin Booker

G Donovan Mitchell

F DeMar DeRozan

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