Natural Or Artificial Energy: What's In Your Body?
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Natural Or Artificial Energy: What's In Your Body?

Do energy drinks give us what the body needs or too much of what it doesn't?

Natural Or Artificial Energy: What's In Your Body?
Jessica Bordelon

The health revolution is here. With people finally getting more active and seeking healthy food options, how do energy drinks and supplements fit in, or do they fit in at all? Here’s a break down of the artificial and natural methods of getting the energy you need every day.

It’s a million dollar industry, maybe even billion dollar industry. Energy drinks and supplements started at fitness and nutrition stores but are now available at grocery stores and gas stations nationwide.

Are Americans really that low on energy? How did people survive and find success before these items were available? Let’s take a closer look at this and ask yourself: What would our ancestors do?

What’s in these energy drinks and supplements?

Let's focus on one in particular to start with: 5-hour energy and other similar products.

Those shots advertised as energy boosters contain a load of vitamin-B6 and 12, 2000% and 8333% of the daily necessary dose. Sounds great, right?

Here’s the problem. You're throwing money into your toilet, literally. Having more than the recommended amount doesn’t mean you have extra. Your body will not process more than it really needs at any given moment. It’s no different than filling your car’s gas tank until it overflows and letting the excess fall on the concrete. The excess vitamins go into your urine and down the toilet, taking your money with it.

Well, there’s one major difference, between cars and people, health risks. According to this Mayo Clinic report those with heart conditions are warned about the effects on blood vessels. Plus, anyone who takes aspirin, drinks coffee, or smokes cigarettes run the risk of lowering blood serum levels.

This and other articles agree that consuming the daily recommended amount is all the human body needs to maintain its energy.

Where did people get these energy boosts before?

Our ancestors worked longer and harder hours but somehow managed to survive without these so-called advanced supplements. Simple biology will tell you that our cells use protein, fiber, and carbs for energy. B6 and B12 are connected to heart health and still needed, but not in excess.

Here's the best methods for Vitamin B6 and 12:

Our ancestors got their vitamins and energy by eating items like fish, shellfish, red meat, Swiss cheese, and eggs. You can get plenty of vitamin B12 at every meal. Vegans are often advised to check labels for foods that contain it since it’s typically found in animal derived food items.

B6 is easy for any dietary preferences: bananas, avocado, spinach, oranges, wheat bread, cooked tuna, turkey, and chicken.

Besides that, vitamin B-complex is not the best source of energy.

Here's how to get your protein, fiber, and carbs up:

Protein, fiber, and carbs are far more useful for any person who needs an energy boost. According to many sources, including this article by Woman's Day

we get far greater benefits by keeping a balance of these minerals in our meals throughout the day, so we never run low. Even when we do run low, eating any of these high energy items is a healthier and safer way to boost energy levels: bananas, sweet potato, honey, spinach, beans, almond, and salmon.

A great energy snack idea:

My favorite high energy snacks are fresh avocado, beef jerky, chia seeds, almonds, yogurt or eggs. Here’s a fun snack prep idea for eggs: fry in a pan or bake eggs in a muffin pan, seal them in a plastic bag, and grab one to go when you’re in a hurry. Huge boost in healthy energy, and the cold eggs are delicious and last for at least 3 days in a well-sealed bag.

For more snack ideas follow me on Instagram: @bordelonjessica

What’s the price difference between the artificial and natural options?

An egg costs $0.25 or less per boost. A cup of yogurt costs $1.00 or less. 2 teaspoons of honey costs less than a quarter as well. The point is the amount of these foods that you need to keep your energy up are all less than any energy supplement, without all the health risks involved.

Not to mention, when you drink or take supplements, what proof do you have that you are taking in more than you’ve bargained for.

The health revolution is here.

Nationwide people are more active and seeking ways to improve results. But there is never a better way than a natural way. Our bodies are natural and our foods should be too. Don't put your money in the toilet with these supplements.

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