Why You Should Start Watching Narcos This Week
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Why You Should Start Watching Narcos This Week

Bringing Netflix 'n' chill to a whole new level

Why You Should Start Watching Narcos This Week

Be warned, Netflix’s newest original series is not for the faint of heart.

Unless you’re like me, whose fragile heart is masked by the thrilling rush of fresh, action-packed, based-on-a-true-story, terrifically insensitive while also historically grounded television. If you’re stuck endlessly scrolling through options and finding yourself searching for ideas to suggest to your significant other you're about to Netflix 'n' chill with, then look no further. "Narcos" is it. Trust me, I’m not your average chiller.

If you find yourself feeling uncool because you haven’t heard of "Narcos," it would be my pleasure to enlighten you and extend a formal invitation into the circle of badass-ness. About two weeks ago, Brazilian filmmaker Jose Padilha graced us with a new series he has centered around infamous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. As any other traditional Netflix series, the first 10 episodes came out in bulk -- the perfect recipe for your next lazy Sunday. And when you finish all 10, in 10 hours, you won’t just be questioning your life’s very purpose, you’ll be searching for teasers of season two that have just been approved on September 3.

The series follows the triumphs (at the great loss and demise of those in his way), and defeats of Escobar in his ruling of the Medellin drug cartel, specifically cocaine. Lots of it. Seriously, so much. Through the eyes of Escobar, we see his successes in stupid wealth, the support (and sometimes lack thereof) from his family, his manipulation within the Colombian government, and most importantly, his role in the production and widespread distribution of the highest quality cocaine the world had ever seen at the time. Escobar was living the life.

To balance the act, Padilha offers us the perspectives of Mexican and U.S. DEA agents whose mission it was to not only end Escobar’s drug trafficking, but to serve justice and to terminate everyone involved. The American insight gives us a break from the Spanish subtitles with educationally clever voiceovers that address the real happenings of the Escobar we learned about in 10th grade Latin American history. So, if you thought looking at your computer or TV screen for hours on end was depleting your brain cells, you’re wrong. "Narcos" gives us a great history recap while simultaneously exercising our nervous systems with a fantasy of guns, drugs, and money. What’s better?

My hope, provided that you're brave enough, is that you will go forth and Netflix. And that you will Netflix with "Narcos."

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