11 Myths That Are Totally Busted

11 Myths That Are Totally Busted

It's crazy to think people believe these are real.


It's crazy to think people believe these are real.

Periods sync up


Actually, they don't. Why? All women are on a different cycle, which means one woman's cycle can be 24 days while another's can be 29 days. Eventually, the two women will have a period at the same time, but only for that month.

The toilet is the dirtiest part of your home

Ehhhhh, it's actually the cleanest because you think it's the dirtiest. Try cleaning the door handles, though.

Oil prevents pasta from sticking


Incorrect. It actually just prevents the water from foaming or boiling over.

Bats are blind


Not so much. They can see perfectly fine, but at night, they use echolocation instead.

We have 5 senses


Actually, we have 20. Balance, pain, smell, taste, thirst, hunger... The list goes on and on.

Lightning never strikes the same place twice


It most certainly does and thinking this could get you killed.

Bananas grow on trees


FALSE. The banana "tree" is actually the world's largest perennial herb and can grow up to 25 feet tall.

A bird will reject its baby if touched by a human


Birds actually have a really poor sense of smell and can't even tell.

Dog mouths are cleaner than human mouths


Considering dogs eat their own poop, I'm not quite sure why anyone would believe this...

Bulls hate the color red


Bulls are actually color blind. They dislike the movement, not the color.

Sugar makes you hyper


Actually, no scientist has ever been able to prove this. While sugar isn't the greatest thing to eat, it doesn't make you hyper.

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15 Texts We'd Get From Dogs If They Had Thumbs

"If you're reading this, send Milk Bones."

Let's be real, anyone who has a dog knows that it if we could, we would text our dogs all day long. If they could text us, our thread would look something like...

1. "Are you coming home soon?! Let's go out!"

2. "So not to be weird... but you never ended up answering me last night... Am I the good boy? Idk I just want to be clear on our relationship I don't want to be lead on if I'm not."

3. "The cat is being such a bit** I literally can't stand her"

4. "Hey, just wondering, are you going to wear those black booties tonight? If you are, I'll chew the zipper out of the brown ones instead."

5. "Okay, so don't freak out, but something not so chill happened on the rug..."

6. "Are there any leftovers in the trash? I'm not gonna get into it, I was just curious. Love u."

7. "If you're reading this... bring Milk Bones."

8. "Hey, what's for dinner tonight?! Purina again?"

9. "Miss you!!"

10. "Are you gonna eat that food on the counter or is that for everyone? Asking for the cat."

11. "I LOVE YOU"

12. "OMG, I can't wait for you to come home on break! Can you sleep in the guest room tho? Mom said I could have your room when you moved out. Love u!"

13. "Ice cream date later?!"

14. "We should go for a walk I need to get my ass back in shape for summer. You should be my workout buddy!"

15. "Netflix and chill tonight?"

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Poetry On Odyssey: Hustle and Bustle This Holiday Season

"...Have conversation, turn off the cable..."


It's Holiday season,

Time to be freezin'.

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it,

Don't stop now, you can't quit.

Numerous trips to grocery stores,

Pure mayhem when you walk through those doors.

Shelves bare,

You're ready to pull out your hair.

Long check-out lines,

Or delayed airlines.

Prepare and cook the turkey low and slow,

Wait for that golden brown skin to glow.

Place the gravy and cranberry sauce on the table,

Have conversation, turn off the cable.

Before you know it, Christmas is here,

The classic songs are music to our ears.

Yet we all dread the trips to the mall,

To find the perfect gifts, big or small.

The Christmas Tree Lighting floods TV stations,

With singers from all generations,

The scent of candy canes fill the air,

We wish the day runs smoothly, Lord, hear our prayer.

Lots of wrappers and bows cover the floor,

As we obsess over our presents more and more.

New Year's creeps up on us,

Throwing a party is always a plus.

Streamers, noisemakers, food,

Who knew planning the perfect party was of this magnitude.

The line at the liquor store gets longer and longer,

Because of the stress in picking a champagne or sparkling cider.

Deciding to prepare finger foods or a five-course meal,

Why not get take-out? DEAL!

Clock counts down from ten.

As the clock strikes one, we've made it to another year, AMEN!

Glasses clinking,

People drinking,

"Happy New Year,"

We cheer.

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