Now there aren't 12 reindeer, so if your Zodiac sign isn't on here, sorry...

Dasher - Aries


Aries are known to be in a bit of a rush, just like our dear friend Dasher...

Dancer - Libra


Libras are very balanced, much like Dancer. Graceful and stylish, Libras live it up.

Prancer - Scorpio

You have a powerful bond with Dancer, as you have a powerful bond with everyone in your life. You focus on your task at hand.

Vixen - Taurus


A vixen in disguise, you like to get the job done, no matter the consequences.

Comet - Virgo

You go out of your way to make sure the universe is a better place - you are quite literally out of this world (like a comet).

Cupid - Aquarius 


Lover of all things nature, you don't let anything get you down. You have a Cupid's heart.

Donner - Leo


Donner means thunder, and boy are Leos thunderous in letting their opinions show. You also express yourselves boldly, much like Donner.

Blitzen - Pisces


Picses energy is unlike anything we ever see. Blitzen means lightning, and Pisces are the lightning to the world.

Rudolph - Sagittarius

Sagittarius chase the impossible, dream big and take the risks no one else wants to take. You are literally Rudolph.