10 Things That Would Be Different If Women Ruled The World
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10 Things That Would Be Different If Women Ruled The World

8. The 'mom bod' would be the new 'dad bod'

10 Things That Would Be Different If Women Ruled The World
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Spoiler, this is an idealistic version because, why not? If I am going to imagine an alternative world, it might as well be an improvement. So, here are the 10 things that would be different if women and men switched positions, and women had the privileges and power that most men have always had.

1. Birth control would be available to everyone

If you want birth control, then you should have access to it, because, believe it or not, not all women want to remain abstinent. What a shocker, right!?

2. Periods would be praised, not chastised

Yup, every woman has her period, yet we still have to hide our tampons in our sleeves when we go to the bathroom. And, on that note, tampons and pads would be SO much cheaper because damn, those things are expensive.

3. Maternity and paternity leave would be encouraged

Did you know that married women are considered less favorable in the job market than married men? Apparently, our commitment to our job declines if we are in loving relationship because, OMG what if we were to have children and had to take maternity leave? Besides, men should also have the option to take paternity leave, because their love for their child isn't any less just because they didn't physically carry the baby.

4. There would be a female president, or maybe even multiple…

The world's sex ratio is 105 males for every 100 females. The United State's president sex ratio is 45 male presidents to 0 female presidents. Yeah, that seems reasonable…

5. Having children would be a mutual decision

I am a female, not a "baby-maker." And this goes for women everywhere in the world.

6. Rapes and sexual assault cases would actually result in convictions

"Every two minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted" -- all ages and all genders. And ONLY one out of every 16 rapists will be convicted. It is not just about changing the criminal justice system but amending the disgusting notion that rape or sexual assault is even, in the slightest bit, 'OK.'

7. Female intellectuals would be discussed for their success, not their appearances

Fun fact, women candidates were subjected to four times the appearance-based coverage on popular media outlets than were male candidates. That means females politicians are judged based on their looks, size and clothing, not their political position--which significantly decreases their chances for election. Because, yes, I was actually more concerned about her pantsuit, than her viewpoints, thank you mass media.

8. The ‘mom bod’ would be the new ‘dad bod’

And since moms come in all shapes and sizes, each woman would be viewed as freaking goddesses, as each should be.

9. Bras wouldn’t be mandatory

Did you know women have boobs AND nipples! I know, it is a crazy notion. I understand how this could come at a surprise, since they have been forced to hide behind padded-wired-straps for years.

10. Women are encouraged to pursue their careers, not shamed for “neglecting their motherhood”

Australian senator makes history by breastfeeding her baby in Parliament

First, let us all appreciate the stay at home parents because that is one job where overtime, childish customers and nasty cleanup is mandatory. (Every. Single. Day.) Let's also respect and applaud the women who return to their careers once having a child, so they can pursue their own professional dreams and pay for that child to pursue their own. Do you know how expensive diapers (and years of grad school) are?

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