We've all had that one friend that made us feel like the best version of ourselves. I know for me, that friend was the support system I needed to get through my worst times and was critical enough to knock me down when I was too hotheaded. The single con to having a friend like that is that sometimes, they unfortunately won't always be there for you. That's why you need to learn to be your own best friend; be there for yourself, learn to congratulate yourself, learn to scold yourself, but most importantly, learn to love yourself. I know you're thinking that you've got a handle on that, but the truth is that we all could benefit from some personal growth.

First and foremost, supporting yourself and believing in your abilities will get you farther than any other person could. You are your source of empowerment, but can also be the reason for your own destruction. By channeling your energy and remaining positive, even when everything else around you points otherwise, you can overcome anything.

Additionally, you need to be able to congratulate yourself and have pride in your accomplishments. Yeah, there's always that one guy (or gal) that rides that bus too long, but never be ashamed of your successes. Be humble, be kind, but also be able to accept applause and praise. By doing so, you will feel fulfillment in your performance and that will only perpetuate greatness.

On the contrary, you also need to know when to scold yourself. Maybe it's that late night slice of pizza you ate when you should have been sleeping, or acknowledging the existence of the ex you swore you'd never speak to, learning to hold yourself responsible for your actions will only propel you into a happy and healthy lifestyle. Placing blame onto a situation or someone else does nothing for you and can eventually turn those you care for away from you. Again, you are the only one who controls your actions, and by allowing yourself to be and do the things you despise will lead to you disliking the person you've become. But the fact is, you haven't become anything, for there's still time for you to change.

Love yourself. Through everything, good and bad, you need to learn to love yourself. While I mentioned the fact that you need to be able to hold yourself accountable, you must always love yourself. Positivity breeds positive results, and the foundation of change lies within you. When you make a mistake, because we all do, get back up and brush it off. A mistake is only a mistake if you don't learn something from it, and there's something to be learned from everyone and everything you encounter. No matter what you've done or who you wish you could be, be grateful for every breath you take and every morning you wake up to, because imagine how different this world would be without your very best friend, you.