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First My Mom, But Always My Best Friend

Whoever said your mom couldn't be your best friend clearly hasn't met mine. My mom is more than an amazing mother, but she is also the ideal friend. She's my best friend.

Taylor Caponigro

Growing up my mom was always my mom and an awesome one at that. My mom has the biggest heart and is always going the extra ten miles to make me happy. Of course, she did reprimand me when I was wrong and she lectured me to make it right, as any mom would. But now that I am older, I realize my mom is way more than the "superhero mom" label I give her on Mother's Day.

She is also my best friend every day.

Sometimes I even wish we could have gone through life aging together because she's the perfect person I would have wanted by my side. I hope she thinks so too.

Mom, you're one in a million, a billion and every great amount after that. You know every ache before it hurts. You know ever tear before it's shed and you know every smile before it's made.

The relationship I have with my mom is so special to me. She's the first person I call in life when something goes wrong, or on the good days, when something goes right. She's my number one supporter in all the decisions I make and my biggest cheerleader through my successes. But even on the days when I am the worst version of myself and even on the days my failures strike a little too hard, she is always there to build me back up making me stronger than ever.

It doesn't matter the situation she's always willing to be a mom and a friend. I don't deserve the kind of love my mom gives me. It's an overwhelming sense of comfort that makes each day away from her that much harder to live. No matter what road I travel in life or how many miles lie between us, there is no one in this world that could ever replace her.

Mom, thank you for being the best mom.

The one I get to brag to my kids to someday and thank you for being my best friend and knowing me much better than I know myself. Whoever said your mom can't be your best friend too just didn't have it as good as us and I love us.

I love you, your wisdom, your words, your compassion and the way you love me. You're my number one and I can't wait to continue to have you as my best friend through this crazy life. Thank you for being you!

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