My Experience With SARMS
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My Experience With SARMS

My experience was an interesting one, but a foolish one at that.

My Experience With SARMS

First off I would like to say if you are not currently an experienced weight lifter, implying at least 2 or more years of real gym dedication and dieting, then stop whatever you are doing and keep eating and working for your goal. The gains will come over time. You DO NOT need SARMS or any other sports enhancing drugs to gain the size, stay natty bro.

Now the reason you may be reading this is because you saw the word “SARMS” and “Experience”. Well there are many people who have had different experience with SARMS, but you could be asking yourself, “what is SARSM”. In this article I will not be going over that too much, I’m saving that for another article. This is just an experience, a story, of how I got into SARMS and how I reacted to them. SARMS are very interesting and somewhat confusing product now available in the Supplement Industry.

SARMS, first off, stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Big words right? What SARMS is, is basically an androgenic compound similar to those androgenic properties of steroids. The only difference between SARMS and steroids is that SARMS claims to have no side effects as those found with anabolic steroids. That being said, most would jump to this for fast gains and no problems right? Keep in mind through this article that this is my personal experience I dealt with SARMS.

With little to no side effects, I found this supplement is growing, fast. With products like YK11, Ostarine (MK-2866), S4 (Andarine), and many others vague and chemical named products, many have trusted them with great results. Although how do you know you are getting a legitimate SARM? What studies back the usage of SARMS the same as prohormones or steroids. These questions I never took into consideration until after my cycle.

These products, through self-promotion and hear say, have gained huge popularity in today’s world. I’m sure you’re saying, “isn’t this your experience Stephen? Where’s your side of SARMS.” Well my experience was, at first, a good one. I dove head first into SARMS without doing more research. It was a good but slightly bad first-hand experience.

When I did my first cycle I used products such as MK-2866, LGD 4033, and GW-501516. One gave me Strength increase, another stamina, another growth. Sounds pretty good right? It was, my weight went up after two weeks of using it. Not only did I look bigger, I felt bigger.

People were asking me how I was doing it, what did I take, how do they get it. I was the guinea pig for them, as I am use to when it comes to the supplement industry. In my field if it works, it works. If not, then it’s a waste. So when I hopped on the SARMS train and people were noticing a change in a scrawny guy like me, they wanted in.

Jumping to the beginning of week three of my one-month cycle, I messed up. I started to get relaxed on my timing of when to take my SARMS. You’re supposed to take it in a regular schedule. I started to take it pre-workout, at random times when I forgot. My body was not use that that and soon after I found myself lethargic, not motivated and my gains slowly started to retreat.

When on SARMS, they usually recommend getting on a Post Cycle Therapy to be safe. So at the end of my first month cycle, I got on my PCT/test booster cycle. Slowly but surely I was getting not only my stamina and energy back, but my gains were getting back too normal. Hormonal wise I was all screwed up. Lack of libido, sex drive was sh**. I was worried if I needed to get laid nothing would happen!

After my one month PCT cycle, I was feeling good. My drive was back and then for safety, I got on ALLMAX Nutrition’s Tribulus and Natures Plus DHEA to help keep my energy up. These two products really aided me in my recovery and I use them to this day every day. I had a second cycle of SARMS set up but quickly tossed them due to the side effects I had. Did the risk outweigh the outcome, not at all? I’d rather do gear then SARMS.

All in all, my experience was an interesting one. For those of you looking into SARMS… DO YOUR F***ING RESEARCH! I cannot emphasize this anymore than I need to. Second, make sure you have everything planned out from starting date to timing down to your PCT. Stay up to date on what companies are legit, you never know what you could be getting...

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