Dear Potential Girlfriend,

It is important for you to know that I have taken my role as big sister seriously since the moment my brother came home from the hospital.

From the moment he came into my life, he has amazed me daily. I can't say he has never pissed me off but that just comes with the territory of having a sibling. Being older than him has allowed me to watch him grow from a young boy to a young man. To you, he may be some superstar stud, but to me, he will always be the little boy who wore Batman pajamas. I was there when he struggled and I was there when he thrived so know that I will always be very protective of him.

To be honest, the thought of you scares me. Why? Simple. You will make him vulnerable and I know you will replace me to some capacity.

He will no longer think of me as the first person to ask to go see a movie. I won't be the first person he confides in about his worries or celebrates his achievements with. When he sees a meme, he will send it to you and not me. He will have a whole other life with you that I will not know and for someone who has always been his go-to up until now, it will be hard to let go.

I knew you would come eventually, and I have prayed you are an amazing girl because my brother deserves nothing short of amazing. I have to believe that if my brother has chosen you, you must be pretty special. I apologize in advance as I am sure I will be skeptical when he brings you to meet our family for the first time. In order to make the most of your relationship with my brother, there are a few things you should know.

First, I am not your "bestie." I have my own best friend and I am not looking for a replacement. However, I do hope we get along and that when you and I happen to be in the same room together it isn't awkward. I'm sure I will love you, just be yourself.

Second, my family is pretty big and we are all VERY close (sometimes too close). We love meeting new people and bringing new people to meet our family, I hope you come to any family event my brother asks you to attend and I want you to join in. From my own experience with my significant others, my family isn't too keen on people who isolate themselves and do not make an effort to get to know us. We don't bite, I promise!

Third, do not pull him away from his friends or his family. We were here first honey, so instead of pulling him away, get to know his friends and cousins. Girls come and go, but in the end, it's your friends and family who will always be there for you.

Fourth, support him and whatever decision he makes. Since you are his girlfriend, it is your job to be there for him when he needs you. Be kind and have his back when he feels like no one does. Most importantly, have fun together and make happy memories together that you guys will remember for a lifetime.

I love my brother very much which is why it is important for you to know these rules. I am excited to meet you someday and I hope you understand how much he means to me. While he may now be your man, he will always be my little brother.