According to the dictionary, a best friend is a very special person in your life. When you are wanting to go out and do something, they are the first person you think about. When you need a shoulder to cry on or even just someone to talk to, they are the first person you go to. They are someone who you can call on the phone just to talk to or sit in silence when you just need someone there. Whoever said your best friend needs to just be a friend? My boyfriend is my best friend, and that is okay.

Everyone wants that special someone in their life; the one they can love unconditionally, sing in the car with, or even just lounge around and watch Netflix. I am lucky enough to have that person in my life, and I would not change that for anything else. I know that people say that your significant other should not be your best friend, but why not? I have never had a friend support me as much as my boyfriend has throughout the time that we have been together. Whenever a major event happens in my life or I just want to talk about my day, he is the first person that I call. When I want to make a fast food run and need someone to tag along with me, he is the person that I know will be down to come.

"You should not spend so much time with your boyfriend."

Says who? I have someone in my life who I enjoy hanging out with, likes to be with me, go out to eat, listen to music, go fishing, etc. Why should I not hang out with that person? Sure my boyfriend is my boyfriend, but he was my friend first. The friendship that we had before we started dating is still there; it did not just walk away when we became a couple. There is nothing wrong with guy best friends or girl best friends hanging out for days on end, so why can't I do the same?

It is nice to be able to lounge around in sweatpants and a t-shirt while eating ice cream and binge-watching one of our favorite shows on Netflix. You cannot tell me that you do not do the same with your girl or guy best friend, right? What about when you are having a bad day and need a shoulder to cry on, who do you go to first? The one person who is always there for you to listen and ensure you that everything is going to be alright.

I know some people are against significant others being together for great amounts of time, but let me ensure you, my relationship is healthy and going strong. I do not need people telling me that what I am doing is wrong or that we will "get sick of one another." My boyfriend is my best friend, and that is okay.