We all have that one-month out of the year where it feels like it takes forever to finish, and we feel like we just can’t get anything done.

For me, it’s February. Even though it’s the shortest month of the year, I feel like it takes forever. Even though I try, I can’t get anything done that I’m seriously proud of. I feel tired, cold and weak all month.

And it feels like spring is being dangled over my head, like that dollar in that State Farm commercial. You know the one.

Recently, my mother has commented on the fact that my most recent posts have all been slightly negative. For anyone else inquiring why, it’s because it reflects my feelings during this time of year. (Also, it’s because I have a ton of work to do, so cut me some slack here).

However, I have decided to change my recent tune, because I don’t want to be a one-hit wonder. Also, February is drawing to a close, so I figure I should start now.

So, I present to you loyal Odyssey readers, my favorite thing, or things about each month!

January: That energizing feeling of a new year. That desire to work out at least three times a week to prevent the summer muffin top.

February: There might be some good things about February, so leave them in the comments! I’m just kidding, but I’m not, but I am. Okay, one of my favorite things about February is that it is the shortest month, so my misery doesn’t last an extra two or three days.

March: Spring begins! Spring break. The weather gets slightly warmer, which I will happily accept after being put through a long winter. Easter sometimes happens in March. I’ve never been able to figure out why we Catholics move the day Jesus rose from the dead. Anyone who knows why is free to comment.

April: The weather gets even warmer, and I find myself not wearing a jacket for multiple days in a row. April has two of my personal favorite holidays: Earth Day, I'm an environmentalist, and, at least this year, Easter. Seriously, why does the day change?

May: Memorial Day weekend! A time to go to the beach, barbecue, and, you know... remember those who died in the war. And May just feels like a happy and carefree month. I’m not sure why, but it just does.

June: My birthday. That's it. It’s the 27th if you would like to send cards or money. So obviously, June is the best month. But who doesn’t like the month with their birthday in it the best? Anyway, in addition to my birthday, summer officially starts which is my favorite season.

July: The month our great country became a country. I always feel so patriotic in July, and not just on the 4th. And the best time to hit the beach or water park for a day.

August: This, to me, is prime vacation season. My family usually heads to Cape Cod for a week or two during this month, and we get the perfect weather every year. In addition to that, Taylor Swift seems to have fallen into a pattern of releasing the first single off her new album in August. Amazing. (Now watch as she releases the first song from TS7 in July just to switch it up).

September: Unlike Green Day, and perhaps most people, I actually really like September. I know people hate going back to school or working after a long summer, but I’ve always enjoyed it. I feel so energized doing all my projects and the weather is usually pretty warm, which helps add to my energy. Also, Beyoncé’s birthday is in September, so there ya go.

October: The obvious answer is Halloween, which is a holiday I used to hate as a child, but have come around to like as a teen. I know, that’s weird. And to bring it back to Taylor Swift, as I like to, she tends to release either an album, single, or video in late October, just to upstage Halloween.

November: So this is where it gets hard again. November’s my second least favorite month after February. I enjoy Thanksgiving just as much as the next person though. And Taylor Swift will sometimes release an album or song in early November, if she hasn't in October.

December: The seasonal religious holidays! Holiday vacation! My personal favorite holiday, New Year’s Eve! And my other favorite holiday, Taylor Swift’s birthday!

So tell me:

What’s your favorite month and why?

What’s your least favorite month and why?

Why does Easter alternate between March and April?

Is anyone else as obsessed with Taylor Swift as I am?