As I previously have mentioned, I am a self-hating millennial/hipster.

What does that mean?

It means that I hate that I have snotty music tastes, I hate that I lecture people on almost anything, and I hate that I love shopping at Urban Outfitters and local thrift shops.

But what about the current decade bugs me most, you may wonder?

I absolutely despise the Internet.

Wait, despise might be a strong word because there are things I like on the Internet. I’m cool with Instagram, have a decent relationship with Reddit and Facebook, and enjoy watching cat videos as much as, if not more, then the next person.

However, I have absolutely no idea how to work Snapchat. And over the past few years, I have come to despise Twitter and Tumblr.

"Why?" You may wonder again.

Here are four reasons why these two social media sites drive me nuts.

1. They praise pettiness.

Kim Kardashian is getting attention, and praise, for sending Valentines to all her “haters,” aka anyone who might have said a negative comment about her, ever. Seriously, she’s sending one to Sarah Michelle Gellar, who made one negative comment almost four years ago! Selena Gomez was wrong; we no longer have to “kill them with kindness.” I really want to know where “being the bigger person” and “haters gonna hate,” went.

It seems like every day there’s a new article about how someone “clapped back” at something as stupid as not liking your hairstyle. If they’re sending creepy, racist, sexist, or death messages, I’m all for it. But if it’s something as stupid as someone not liking something you do, just ignore it. And also, while we’re at it, don’t leave negative comments on people’s social media.

2. They call everything “iconic.”

Seriously, they do. Some famous person rolls their eyes during an award show? “Iconic” and given a news story! Someone makes a somewhat funny tweet of a joke in public? “Iconic” and given a news story! Something is iconic when it’s unique or flawless, if someone does it regularly, and if it still holds up for at least one year. Just remember, if everything’s iconic, nothing’s iconic.

3. They can turn on someone based off of nothing.

We’ve all seen it happen, the most recent example being when Ed Sheeran beat out Kesha, Lana Del Rey, and Lady Gaga at the Grammys. Which wasn’t his fault, keep that in mind. After that, almost everyone turned on Ed and accused him of being sexist because his song is about having sex with a girl. Now I understand being upset about the result, but you can’t just turn on someone because they got an award that was out of their control.

The only reason to completely turn on someone is if they’re racist, or did something completely illegal. This is especially prominent between Survivor and Big Brother “fans,” (I use that term loosely) when everyone turns on a contestant because they get rid of their favorite person. They don’t even consider the fact that it might be a good move for them to get rid of that person.

4. When people intentionally misspell “sweetie” as “sweaty.”

This just drives me nuts! Mainly because I don’t get it! “Sweetie” is condescending enough, and you don’t know how much sweat is on my body. And any other misspellings, “qween,’’ “sweety,” also bug the crap out of me. Spell check people. Use it.

Am I overreacting or is my anger justified?

Do you hate any of these things on the Internet as well? Are there other things you hate?

Leave a comment below!