Mount Vernon and Odyssey
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Mount Vernon and Odyssey

We've made some great accomplishments!

Mount Vernon and Odyssey

Forming in April 2015, the Mount Vernon team for Odyssey has really blown the entire publication away. The original team started with mostly incoming freshmen at MVNU and has steadily grown since then. Many articles have picked up speed, and you might have even seen them for yourself across your Facebook timelines or shared to you by a friend. As the Editor in Chief, I’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the things we’ve done as well as some of our best pieces!

Our Accomplishments

Thousands of shares accumulated!

The Mount Vernon team at Odyssey has already accumulated thousands of shares. Most of our articles receive well over twenty shares. Since our start in April, we’ve had over two hundred pieces made by our many Creators.

Our voices are heard!

Some of our Creators have written amazing articles that are being seen around the globe. These articles are speaking loud on many intense subjects like politics, religion, and human rights. Some to take note of are “Why I Wear A Purity Ring” by Sarah Wingert, “Hillary: Historic Woman, Horrible Example” by Sydney McCrady, and “Your Daughters Might Be Forced Into The Military Soon” by Makayla Speelman.

We’ve Made A Mark

Some of our Creators have already been asked about their role with Odyssey and how it is affecting them. By becoming Creators with Odyssey, they’ve started to create names for themselves before school even starts. Their voices have become democratized to the world.

Our Articles

10 Signs You Live In Wayne County by Allison Lankford

This piece written by our Wayne County resident, Alli Lankford, accumulated over 500 shares within the first 24 hours of this piece being up.

10 Signs You Live In Napoleon by Olivia Vollmar

Another article written on local times, 10 Signs You Live In Napoleon received over a 1000 shares and thousands of more views. And guess what? Because the first article gained so much attention, Olivia made a part two which already has over five hundred shares titled “10 Signs You’re From Napoleon, Ohio Part Two

A Letter To My Future Spouse by Makayla Speelman

This article was a personal article written by Mount Vernon’s Editor-In-Chief Makayla Speelman. I tells of someone writing to their future loved one, a piece after a romantic’s own heart. It received nearly a hundred shares and many more views!

Our Odyssey. Your Odyssey.

Creating for Odyssey has already greatly impacted our Creators. By democratizing the way stories are told online, our stories, opinions, and perspectives have been amplified on a worldwide scale. We’re still building our team, and you can request an invite:


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