Your Moody Winter Playlist

Does the winter ever get you down? Maybe you got dumped, failed a test, smashed your phone? Life can suck, but we always have to keep going. So here's the cure to your winter blues. You can cry a little, sweat a little, wash it all away, then go have some fun with this step by step playlist to feeling good again. Yes I am aware I sound like an infomercial. Now go do what I say and listen to these sick jams.

1. Sulk

I once listened to these songs in a car in the pouring rain at night crying (I was a dramatic little teen). Sometimes you just have to live in your sadness for a little while- cry it out. But not for too long, once these wining/dark songs end, move on.

2. Mellow Pump Up Yoga

Now that you've cried it out, it’s time to sweat it out. Do some yoga! Yoga energizes you, stretches you out, and more often than not gives you a workout well worth the time. This playlist is inspired by a yoga teacher I had once you played the best freaking jams while she low-key tortured us. I don't know about you, but I can't stand that “white-noise-hippie-yani-peace” yoga music that has gongs in it and is supposed to be relaxing. But I love this mellow but powerful vibing music for when I’m turning myself into a human pretzel.

3. Positive Thoughts Walk

Now that you’ve amped up your dopamine levels, it’s time to get some fresh air and get those happy thoughts going. This music will energize you even further and remind you that life is not in fact so sucky. This is especially great if you're walking around with your friend, or maybe just on the way back from the gym. This music isn't too intrusive after the mellow tunes from yoga, but still has a little more energy to keep you from falling asleep.

3. Refreshing Shower

Alright, you're almost done. But now you're all sweaty and gross! It’s time for a shower. Refresh and remind yourself that you are in fact a bad-ass who just worked out and deserve some TLC. This short little burst of songs will empower you, relax your muscles, but refresh you enough to keep you going after all that working out- your day isn't over yet!

5. Getting Ready For a Fun Night Out

Go to dinner, go to a party, go to paper source- I don’t care. Just have some fun! These songs are to make you feel happy, empowered, and bold for a great night. Listen to them with your friends or alone as you put on your favorite jeans and get up your confidence. Stay comfortable in what you wear, you don’t want to cramp that awesome mood you are now in. You've had a long day and probably a long winter so far, so it’s time to blow off some steam and let loose. At least do something that makes you happy, even if that is technically just a night in crafting with your buds. Enjoy!

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