With the start of each year, the most important thing to do is tackle your new schedule. New classes make it nearly impossible to keep your old schedule from last semester, so in the first couple of weeks, you have to find something that will work for you and your schedule, while maintaining maximum efficiency. Here is my Monday schedule that keeps me sane and stress-free (sort of).

6:45 Wake up!

My first class isn't until 8:30, but I find that rushed mornings lead to a more stressful. What's an extra 15 minutes of sleep anyway? Now I have time to get ready, eat breakfast, AND watch Netflix all before class.

8:30-9:20 Class

9:20 Study

Now I hit up the Science Library where it's always quiet and I can get some work done. I usually use this time to do some organizing--printing assignments, etc--or running errands around campus that I need to do.

10:30-12:20 Class


Lunch is arguably one of my favorite parts of the day because it signifies that my classes are over! Hang out with some friends and catch up, or go out of your way to meet new people!

1:30-2:15 Gym time.

Working out right after lunch works for me because I'm in a transition state. When I ~try~ to work out in the middle of studying, I end up just stressing myself out more and getting less work done than I could if I had gone between lunch and studying. Plus, going to the gym right after lunch forces you to make healthier decisions so you don't get sick while working out! Yay for health!

2:30-6:00 Homework.

This is the time where I do ALL my homework for the next day, and maybe if I have some extra time, I'll get ahead. As a Chemistry major, I don't have many papers that require working ahead, so usually just doing my homework the day before works for me.

6:00-7:00 Dinner!

It's like a productive break from doing work because you're eating food while catching up with friends. I rarely do working lunch/dinners because it's pretty much impossible. If you have a lot of work, use meal times as your break!

7:00-8:00 Chapter.

It's important to not neglect extracurricular activities and to also schedule time for them. They're important in keeping you well rounded and also sane from the massive amounts of work you have to!

8:00-11:00 Me time!

I'm officially done with all obligations for the day and I can do whatever I want for the rest of the night, (that is if I keep up with my homework and don't get too behind!). I usually watch Netflix, read a book, or just hang out with my friends. If I'm especially tired, I may even go to bed early.

11:00 Bed time.

It's time to go to bed so you can get plenty of rest and not be too exhausted for tomorrow!

Obviously, everyone's schedule is different, but finding what works for you helps to create a more productive day and a less stressful one, too. Play around with your schedule so you can find what works best for you!