What To Do When You're Sick In College
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Here's How To 'Mom Yourself' In College When You're Sick

Cold, fevers, doctors, oh my!


Tis the season for colds and the flu. And unfortunately, for college students living on campus, we don't have a mom to make us soup and stroke our hair, telling us we'll feel better. Getting sick in college, especially for the first time, seems like the end of the world for us. Luckily, I've created a list for you to follow if you ever catch a fever. This is how to be your own mom during sick season.

Book a doctor's appointment

Booking a doctor's appointment...ON OUR OWN?! Yes, you can't have your mom do this for you. This is one of the scariest things to do as a college student for two reasons. First, nobody really likes going to the doctors. But secondly, it's a step forward into adulthood. Seriously, make sure you do book an appointment. Doctors are supposed to be helpful, and with their help, you'll be given the proper medicine needed for you.

Side note: WebMD does NOT count as a doctor! Go to a real doctor's office or to your campus health center.

Take your medicine

After you go to the doctor's and receive whatever prescription you need, you have to remember to take your medicine. This seems like a silly step to include, but students tend to get side-tracked easily and forget what they're supposed to do. If you usually forget about things, set an alarm on your phone so you remember to take your prescribed medicine. Remember, the goal is for you to get better!

Email professors about your absence 

This is extremely important. College students don't email their professors, let alone talk to them. However, when you have to miss class for a couple of days, it's essential that your professors are aware as to why. If you don't give them the heads up, they'll assume that you're just playing hooky. When you email them, not only will it excuse your absence in class, but it'll show them that you actually care about missing material.

Change up your diet

Being sick has a lot of downfalls, and switching up your meals is one of the biggest ones. Let's admit it. We love Starbucks, pizza, and fully stuffed takeout boxes. However, when you're sick, say sayonara to your guilty pleasures and hello to tea. Tea, water, and "calming" foods are suggested to eat when you're sick. Caffeine, spice, and sugar aren't recommended while you're feeling under the weather. Usually, doctors will suggest what you should eat while you're resting. Just remember to stay hydrated 24/7.

Nice hot showers

You might already do this. Taking hot showers is so good for you (and also relaxing) while you're sick. When you turn on a hot shower, it gets rid of nasal congestion, headaches, the chills, soothes your muscles, and obviously, washes away those nasty germs. Bonus points if you use lavender scented soap (that'll help you fall asleep at night quicker).

Layer up

You're about to put those H&M sweaters to good use! Start layering up with sweaters and scarves to protect your body from the cold weather. Since it's fall, the air is very chilly, and temperatures start dropping as fast as our GPA mid-semester. While it's recommended to get fresh air when you're sick, make sure you're doing so with thick layers protecting your sick body. On the bright side, you'll look cute! #sweaterweather

Rest in bed

Ah, our favorite. It's a no-brainer that when you're sick, you have to rest. It's essential for your body to be well rested since it needs the energy to heal itself. Getting your full eight hours of sleep will definitely help you battle your fight with the cold and flu. This shouldn't be a hard one for us.

Catch up on classes

Probably the most underrated but most crucial step when you're sick. People forget to catch up on the work they missed in their classes. Don't be one of those people! Just because you got sick, that doesn't mean you're not responsible for what you didn't learn in class. Remember that the information you missed out on will still be on exams and graded work. Ask a friend for notes and check Blackboard for any updated news in your classes.

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