Growing up I was always super close to my mom, and we literally did everything together. She was my chauffeur, my chef, my confidant, and my best friend. Over the years my mom has taught me many things like...

1. How to be a professional procrastinator (; (sorry Mom)

Ever since I was little, I always remember my mom taking forever to sign my papers for school or packing my lunch the day of. So you could say she might be a bit of a procrastinator, but she never let me down. I might have turned things in on the very last day they could be accepted, but I (we) still got them turned in. Many people look at procrastination as a bad thing, but they way I look at it is different. My mom has always taken her time doing things, in order for them to be done in the best possible ways. Maybe that is procrastination or maybe it is just because she cares so much.

2. How to be a better person

Growing up, I think everyone experiences hardships in school, friendships, and relationships. I can honestly say my mom is the kindest person I know. She literally has a heart of gold, and she has done her best to instill that into me as well. No matter the situation, she always encourages me to look at the other person's point of view and try to understand why they did what they did. Yes, sometimes this is beyond annoying because I just want to be done with the situation. But at the end of the day, she is just trying to help me save something that I care about or at least end it in good standing. I applaud my mom for this, because she does it without having someone to remind her of that.

3. How to do my hair and make up

This is a given. I know most moms do this, but honestly days of my mom doing my hair or make up are some of my best memories. Whether it was for weddings, just for school, or even prom, she was always there to be my personal stylist. I love when she still does my hair and make up because it gives me time to talk to her. Sitting at the vanity in her bedroom, while she does my hair is one of my favorite places, it almost makes me feel safe. I hope she will still be willing to do that when I have my own kids!!

4. How to love

Learning how to love is the most important thing my mom has taught me, and I do not even know if she knows that I learned that from her. I hope one day I love like my mom loves. To be honest, I do not feel like I can describe it good enough to give it justice. She is just the most selfless, caring, and loving person I know. She has never made me feel like she is not in my corner or that I should doubt myself. She has continuously pushed me to be a better athlete, student, friend, and person.

To this day my mom is still my chauffeur, my chef, my confidant, and my best friend. The relationship I have with my mom is one I will forever cherish.