My Mom Is My Best Friend
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Friends Come And Go But One Thing I Know Is That My Mom Will Always Be My Best Friend

Thanks, mom.

Friends Come And Go But One Thing I Know Is That My Mom Will Always Be My Best Friend

I've had my fair share of girlfriend drama in my 19 short years of life. Relationships ebb and flow, friends come and go, you're "in" one day then "out" the next. Through all those times of uncertainty and tears, the one person who's always stayed is my true best friend: my mom.

Yes, I am using the ultimate cliché of saying my mom is my best friend, but it's fine because it's true. And no, it's not because she has to be… at least I hope not.

Mothers are the people that will never lie to you for the sake of not hurting your feelings. If you really want to know how cute the guy is if the dress makes you look fat, or your makeup isn't blended, just ask your mom and you'll get the honest truth whether it's what you want to hear or not. She has no reason to sugar coat things…thanks mom.

She's also the person that will share your joy in times of celebration without hesitancy. You know those friends who get totally jealous anytime you succeed or have a triumph? Not your mom! She'll celebrate you until the ends of the earth because, without her, there's no you to celebrate.

However, she will also feel sadness with you when things aren't so great. Mothers will get to your level and meet you wherever you are, whenever you need them. No matter how far apart you may be, she's never too far out of reach.

Is it just me, or do moms know literally everything? Since I've moved into a house at school, I've realized I took so much for granted when I was living at home and my mom did things I didn't even realize needed to be done. It's been a rollercoaster but I know for sure I wouldn't have been able to do it if my mom wasn't there on the other end of my desperate texts and calls about how to handle your average household crisis.

All of this is to say that moms are the best friend you could have. It's not the same kind of friendship you have with your roommates or friends from high school, but it's uniquely important to any girl's life. Whether you're Rory Gilmore and your mom is Lorelai or your more a Kim K and Kris Jenner type, you know how beneficial it is when your relationship with your mom is partly a friendship.

Friendship lends an air of trust and casualty to the relationship. You don't have to be drinking partners, but you trust her enough to tell her about the previous night's adventures and confide in her about boy problems. Becoming friends with my mom was the best thing that's ever happened for us, and if you're in the same situation, you can attest to that fact.

So thank you, mommy, for being my confidant, my encyclopedia, and my best friend. I truly couldn't do it without you. Don't forget to thank your mom for being a friend… and everything else.

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