'Plogging': The Eco-Friendly Workout You Need To Try

'Plogging': The Eco-Friendly Workout You Need To Try

Just another trend Americans are stealing from the Swedish.

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When I type the word plogging, it either autocorrects to blogging or a red line appears underneath of the letters. I type the word, highlight it, right click, scroll over the "learn spelling" option, and click again.

Your turn.

This is a word you are going to want to know. It is derived from the Swedish phrase "plocka upp," which means pick up, and "jogging." I'm sure it'll be in the dictionary by 2019.

What does "plogging" have in common with zippers, Celsius, plumber wrench, styrofoam, Ikea, H&M, Spotify, and Tove Lo? They came from Sweden, where all good things come from (sorry Target, you lost this round).

Sweden is also really good at recycling as if it were a sport or something (America, take notes). . . Wait, this is what I've been trying to tell you. Plogging is picking up trash while jogging.

Want in on a little secret? This is 2018's hottest fitness trend.

Why? Because not only are you engaging in an eco-friendly activity, you are 1) jogging, 2) squatting, and 3) lifting the weight as you fill your bag with rubbish you see along your route.

Let's take a quick look at the advantages of this new regimen:


Helps boosts confidence, relieves stress, eliminates depression, releases endorphins that improve mood, aids sleep quality, keeps you in shape, and makes the heart healthier.


Protects the environment, saves energy, minimizes pollution and global warming, and conserves natural resources amongst other benefits.

Put them together, and you get an eco-friendly exercise that you and the environment can feel good about.

This phenomenon is projected to become very popular in the United States, especially amongst millennials. The way society views health and wellness has changed immensely since millennials started implementing healthier diets like organic, gluten-free, and vegan; and picked up on fun ways to stay in shape through yoga or group HIIT workouts at spaces like Orange Theory Fitness or Soul Cycle. Millennials have also taken action to enhance communities through social facilitation and are actively encouraging environmental consciousness.

Plogging can be done individually or in a group, in the city or on the trails, and it can improve community outreach, as well as trigger the region of your brain that channels pleasure rewards.

Essentially, plogging = happiness for Mother Nature and you.

So, let’s go Plogging.

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