24 Things I'll Miss About Living In The Sorority House

24 Things I'll Miss About Living In The Sorority House

A year isn't long enough


I remember last year moving out of the dorms thinking how am I going to live with not just one or two but FIFTY girls next year and a year later here I am dreading moving out in three weeks. This year has by far been the best experience of my life and I am not ready to give it up.

PS: Once you've lived with 50 girls, you can live with pretty much anyone.

1. Coming home from class to 3 people in your bed

You can forget about that nap you were going to take

2. Going on late night McDonalds Coke runs

Or in my case McDonalds sweet tea runs...

3. Racing 50 girls down 4 flights of stairs at 4:59 for dinner at 5:00

Which is even more of an olympic event for Friday BRUNCH

4. Having to close the door on the delivery guy before you sign the receipt because the alarm will go off

Always awkward

5. Scaring people in the shower

I've learned to shave really fast because this happens to ALL of us CONSTANTLY, no one is exempt.

6. and getting scared by the fake rat...

For weeks all the girls on the third floor would prank each other by hiding this life size red eye rat EVERYWHERE. From Lauren's sheets to inside the washer it has gotten all of us. Has scared me quite a few times but the WORST was when I was in the shower for a solid couple minutes before I looked up and saw the rat HANGING by its tail from the shower curtain rod.

7. Bachelor watch parties and movie nights in the TV room

The best weekly tradition.

8. Sneaking down to the snack room at 1am

Hoping that Bryan put the leftover dessert in there

9. Having someone close by at all times to share memes with

Even though my friends only laugh at mine 3/10 times

10. Always having people to be productive with

Going downstairs to the study rooms or TV room together to work on homework, study for exams, make next years schedule, etc.

11. Or always having people around to help you procrastinate

Sometimes you just need a few friends to help you procrastinate for an hour or six.

12. Going on everyone else's errand runs, "just for the ride"

"Do you need anything from Ulta?"

"No, but I'll come for the ride"

*Walking down the hall*

"Where are you guys gong?"

"To ul-" "Yeah I'll come"

13. Getting ready for a night out and having 30 closets to choose from

Not to mention everything else you can steal and borrow from your friends, q-tips. curling irons, setting spray.

14. Fighting over the corner shower

Because we all prefer the same one

15. Catching rides to class

To avoiding the CATA bus

16. and returning the favor

Picking your friends up when they're stranded

17. Eating the chefs 5 star meals instead of struggling to make your own

and if you have to cook your own meals next year because you don't have a Bryan well then good luck Charlie.

18. Coming home to sticky notes, letters, candy and presents on your desk

From your girl gang

19. Gathering a group of girls to convince the rest of your friends to go out

Convince...force...same thing.

20. Waiting for the house mom to come home so you can fill her in on your day 

Somewhere along the line Irene became my best friend <3

21. Hiding in the stair well listening to the house mom yell at second floor 

22. And then running to your room and locking the door because you know that third floor is next

23. Trading anything and everything for quarters so you can do laundry

Quarters in a sorority house is like cigarettes in prison

24. Coming home to your best friends

My favorite memories in the house are the small moments, sitting in bed talking to my friends for 4 hours straight, the constant laughter, an amazing support system to 360 your mood in .2 seconds. Having people to tell everything to and do everything with, being present and in the moment and together, all the time, always. I am so blessed to have the friends I do and to have been able to live in and make the memories that we have together, nationals may put a price on it but my friendships and the memories I've made are PRICELESS.

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13 Songs You Hear in Every Sorority Recruitment Video

Chainsmokers. Cash Cash. Galantis.

Sorority recruitment videos. They exist. And the songs that accompany them might as well be their own genre. Their edm style is as infectious and colorful as the videos themselves. Follow me as I go down the rabbit hole of recruitment video songs.

1. Take Me Home - Cash Cash

Low hanging fruit. It's ~literally~ everywhere. Am I the only one who remembers when Cash Cash was slightly emo?

2. Home We'll Go - Steve Aoki

The original version of this song (By Walk off the Earth) was featured in the THON 2016 recap so you know the Steve Aoki remix will be in a recruitment video. SDT Rutgers used it recently and it was great.

3. Final Song - MØ

I don't even know why this song is in every recruitment video but it is.

4. No Money - Galantis

Galantis and the Chainsmokers are basically a one-stop shop for recruitment songs at this point. This one is upbeat but not used as often as the next one.

5. Runaway (U and I) - Galantis

I don't think this needs an explanation.

6. Until You Were Gone - Chainsmokers

This was in a Penn State pre recruitment video and I got really confused because it's about basically regretting a breakup. Great, beat but why?

7. Don't Let Me Down - Illenium Remix Chainsmokers

Another one.

8. Million Voices - Otto Knows

Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh. Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah. Sigma. Delta. Tau.

9. Call on Me - Ryan Riback Remix - Starley

Oh god.

10. Wild Things - Young Bomb Remix - Alessia Cara

Why did I think this is a good idea?

11. Perfect Strangers - Jonas Blue, JP Cooper

Why am I blowing glitter uncontrollably?

12. Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey, Cedric Gervais

Make it stop.

13. Just Hold On - Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson


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Why I'm Glad I Rushed

I wasn't always completely on board, but I'll forever be grateful that I kept up with it.


Anyone who knows me knows that I never intended on rushing. Not for any reason in particular; I just never saw myself fitting in the Greek scene. My mom was in a sorority in college, and my twin definitely intended on the following suit. Every day over winter break, I was asked whether or not I was planning on trying it out.

I'd had my heart set on another on-campus organization, a theatre organization, but had convinced myself that I was nowhere near good enough to actually join it. As the due-date to sign up for recruitment approached, I kept going back and forth on it.

I eventually made a decision - I'd try it out, but if by some miracle I got into the theatre organization, I would drop recruitment. In that case, I fully expected to stay in recruitment, as I'd thought there was no way in hell that I'd make it in.

The first few days were... interesting. A lot of synchronized clapping and singing, a lot of "trust the process!" and all that. I did, however, leave with a more positive opinion on everything that I had going into it. My friends and family back home, however, were all betting that I wouldn't make it through the process.

I ended up being very pleasantly surprised, in more ways than one.

I found out halfway through the recruitment process that apparently miracles do happen, and I'd made it into the theatre organization! But I then faced another decision - do I actually drop recruitment? I knew I was going to be busier than ever before, but in being so convinced that I wouldn't have to face this decision, I'd started warming up to the idea of staying.

I quickly realized that this was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Staying in gave me a support system, unlike anything I could've imagined. I now have a bunch of genuine, kind, funny, and overall badass women by my side, and I couldn't have asked for more.

My new member class was there for me no matter what - we've laughed together, cried together, you name it. Pretty much any other cheesy thing you've heard about how glad girls are that they're involved in Greek life, I've experienced it. Hell, I'm even living with TWO of them IN THE HOUSE next year (hi Maddy and Kallie!), and I can't wait to tear it up with her and pay forward the joy I've been given to the next group of girls.

My Big also happened to have gone through the same simultaneous rushing-and-theatre process the previous year, which was super helpful. When things were getting crazy, I had her by my side. I also had a bunch of other amazing girls in my sorority who took on both the rehearsal and new member processes, which was really reassuring.

And with that, I'm truly glad I stayed. I found through my sorority a group of girls that I can't wait to take on the rest of college with. I found a home, both metaphorically and physically. I found experiences unlike any other.

I proved myself wrong; I do fit in, after all.

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