9 Reasons Living In A Sorority House Is The Best (And Worst)

9 Reasons Living In A Sorority House Is The Best (And Worst)

It's definitely not like you see in the movies.

Growing up with a mother who was never in a sorority and a therapist who told me it was “probably not in my best interest” to join one, the fact I’m now living in the UCLA Kappa Kappa Gamma house is something I had not foreseen. Whether you love it or not, “living in” definitely has its pros and cons.

So, here’s a list of nine reasons sorority girls relate to, for hopeful srat stars to get excited over, and for unaffiliated people to get a glimpse of #sratlyfe:

1. The obvious one, you get to live with all your sisters and a lot of your closest friends

I don’t want to be cliché and say “you get to live with ALL your best friends,” because that would just be a fat lie. You are not going to be BEST friends with sixty girls. You may barely know some, and that is completely okay. It’s true that they’re all your sisters, which is something in and of itself. It’s also true that you do get to live under a roof with some, maybe even most, of your best friends, without the hassle of finding an apartment, paying utility bills, etc, etc…

2. You kind of feel like you’re supposed to be best friends with everyone living in, which, as I said, is an improbable thought

I hate to be a Debbie-downer, but contrary to the movies, you won’t be best friends with all two hundred of your sisters. Odds are, you might not even like all of them—which is FINE. Having beef with even one of your sisters can make you feel like you failed as a sorority girl, but that’s life, and you have to learn to live with it. Everything in a sorority house is heard—who’s doing what, who’s going where, who wasn’t invited to what, and, to be entirely honest, it sucks sometimes. Being let down is inevitable, feeling left out is too; feelings will undoubtedly be hurt, and living in makes it a little more present.

3. Having chefs is life-changing; I’ve forgotten what a stove even looks like

Not really, but it truly is so nice to have a chef cook two meals a day for you. You will forget what it’s like to feed yourself. Not to mention, all you have to do is walk a couple feet to your kitchen and voila! There’s your next meal—freshly cooked each day.

4. Once the weekend hits, you no longer get two meals a day and you’re left to fend for yourself

Once the chefs leave, the kitchen is locked. This means the only appliance available to cook is the microwave. Trying to make a decent meal becomes pretty difficult.

5. Living in a mansion near Beverly Hills? Sign me up

Okay, maybe this one is specific to UCLA, but the sorority houses on Hilgard are BEAUTIFUL. Our house has a courtyard where you can bask in the year-round LA sun, blue tiling, bathrooms fit for princesses, and, best of all, an adorable house dog named Mr. Troubles and wonderful house mom, Carolyn.

6. My closet is your closet

If you love wearing other people’s clothes and/or are totally cool with people constantly asking to borrow stuff or rummaging through your closet, then this one doesn’t seem so bad. But if you’re like me, someone who loves her clothes, enjoys keeping them in pristine condition, AND has a really hard time saying no, this one’s a nightmare.

I love to share and have delegated a large chunk of my closet to loan out, but it’s a little harder to draw the line of what is loanable and what isn’t when living in a sorority. It’s no biggie when someone comes out wearing your cheap bodysuit to go on a date, but when your friend comes out wearing your brand-new boots to go to a frat party, it’s a whole different story.

7. You become closer to your PC and the other girls who live in

In case you’re wondering, PC stands for pledge class. This is the group of other lovely people who went through rush with you and were initiated into your respective house at the same time. Generally, your PC all moves into the house the same year (which year varies from school to school, sorority to sorority), and undoubtedly you become closer since you’re all living down the hall from each other and sleeping in the bunk above one another.

8. What’s personal space?

You live in a house with dozens of other girls (in my case around 60)–that’s a lot of people regardless of how big your house is, and girls are incredibly social creatures, especially sorority girls. Someone will always be knocking on your door, there will never be an empty public area. At times, it’s exhausting. Knowing you can never find a place to be completely alone in your own home can be mentally taxing.

9. You never have to be alone

On the bright side, since you don’t get much personal space, you never have to be alone. There are always other girls in the house. If you need someone to talk with, eat with, go out with, or watch Netflix with, there will always be at least one, if not ten, girls who are up for the challenge.

Cover Image Credit: Isabelle Roshko

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Why Nursing School Friends Are So Vital

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When I started nursing school, I knew it would be difficult. I wasn't naive. I heard the stories. I knew what I was getting into…to a certain degree.

It was everything I thought it would be and more. The highs were higher and the lows were lower. The thing you realize quickly in nursing is that it's not something you can achieve on your own. You have to have a support system. It's how you survive. It can feel like you're on your own because you have to perform the skills and make the grades, but really, there are so many friends standing behind you pushing you through.

I've seen it over and over again. I've been a part of it, witnessed it and had help myself. The truth is, even the most intelligent students need help in some sort of way. It might be hard to realize it when you're so inwardly focused, but when you look around you, everyone is walking the same path. They just have different strengths and weaknesses. It's an incredible thing when others use their personal strengths to offset your weaknesses. Nursing friends see in you what you don't see in yourself. Nursing friends share your passions, sleepless nights, early mornings, stress, panic attacks, victories, and failures. Nursing friends are your own personal cheerleaders.

It's no secret that we deal with some pretty gross stuff. Who else can you count on when you're walking down the unit trying to find an extra pair of hands to help you change the clothes of a morbidly obese patient who's covered from shoulders to ankles in their stool? Your nursing buds.

What about when your patient goes into v-fib (ventricular fibrillation), and you need someone to relief on chest compressions? Your rock star nurse friends are there to lend a hand or two.

Or what about when you are scrubbing into a C-section for the first time and you're kind of, sort of, secretly concerned you might get queasy or faint? Your nursing squad will remind you how tough you are. They'll assist you as quickly as possible and when you are finished washing your hands a thousand times, they'll make you laugh or smile. They'll always be there to help you with dignity, support, love, and encouragement.

Your nursing friends know which supply closet you go hide in when you are about to lose it or when class is so long it's giving you a headache so they pass you some Tylenol. Nursing friends are the backbone of your nursing school experience. I always love it that whenever I need hand sanitizer, Tylenol/Advil/Motrin or even a Band-Aid, someone always has it.

Even if you don't talk every day, or you take different class times, there is always someone waving hello or asking how you're holding up. You are all so different, but at the same time, you feel like you're surrounded by so many who are just like you. They care as much as you do. They love as much as you do. And the best part? They just love you. Even on your worst days. There will be times when you trip up on the easy stuff you know that you know, but they'll be there with open arms telling you about when they were in the same place. They are the ones who “fight in the trenches" with you. They'll carry you when you can't keep going, and you'll do the same. No woman or man left behind.

Nursing friends are incredible lifelong blessings. So, remember to thank them every once in a while. Keep cheering each other on, keep fighting together and keep reminding each other that the end goal is closer than it seems.

Cover Image Credit: Maddy Cagle

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