My Honest Experience Living In A Sorority House

My Honest Experience Living In A Sorority House

"There are about 40 girls living in the house and we were right on the main floor right by the bathrooms. "

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I decided to apply to live in my sorority house for my sophomore year and didn't think I would get in it, but one day I got an email and they said I got in. I thought I wasn't going to get in because they based it on GPA and I didn't have the best grades that semester. When I first stepped into my sorority house sophomore year in august. I was scared because I didn't know my roommate and didn't know that many people living in the house. I was excited to live with a bunch of girls but was nervous that I wouldn't get along with my roommate or any of the girls living there. I was excited of how convenient it would be to have all my meals in the same room and not have to walk or go anywhere. It was also a cheaper option.

I remember moving everything into my room. It was much bigger than my dorm freshman year so I was excited about that. I wanted my room but I knew that wouldn't happen living in a sorority house. I was nervous about getting sick of my roommate quickly but she soon became my best friend. There are about 40 girls living in the house and we were right on the main floor right by the bathrooms. We were the first room when you walk into the house and you can hear everyone walking by your room which wasn't fun. But It was very convenient being right next to the bathroom. There are two bathrooms in the house, one is located on the main level and the second one is on the upper level. There were about 5 stalls and 5 sinks. There were also 5 showers. You kept all your shower and bathroom stuff in the cubby's that they had and you also had to wear shower shoes when you showered because it was bascially a community bathroom. You got really sick of people because you can hear them in the bathroom and showering especailly in my room because it was the closest to the bathroom.

We had quiet hours where you had to lower your voice so people can get sleep especailly on weekdays when people are studying for exams or doing homework but people were still loud. I got close with alot of girls living in the house. Alot of people would come in our room though because when everyone would come eat at the sorority they would want to hangout and they would do it in our room which got really annoying because we wanted our own space.It got so annoying and my roommate and I were on the same page and just wanted them to leave but we didn't want to be rude. Overall, I liked living in the sorority house but I would never do it again. It was a good experience and glad I did it. I need my own space and I am excited to get it this year.

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