We are the oversharing generation. Social media has exploded. You can share your exact emotions and opinions every second of the day, so why not? We are all out here on our phones all the time- and hey, I have no problem with it. Especially since all my friends vanished off to college, phones are how we keep in touch.

But we keep in touch a lot. Like, about a lot of things. Not to mention, it seems like in our generation anxiety, depression and various other mental illnesses run rampant. It's a replacement for sports in conversation. Ask about the Knicks, or ask about my latest panic attack. It's kind of strange, don't you think, that everyone shares everything about themselves?

And I'm not saying I don't want to share! I'd just rather not know every single detail of how you had your sexual epiphany or when you were first diagnosed because, god, I'm sorry, but it gets depressing. All anyone wants to discuss is how upset they are, or sex. It's like we've had these emotions all packed up and shoved inside for every previous generation, and since the advent of the internet it's all on the table. Have we simply been waiting for such an opportunity?

It may have something to do with technology, after all. With computers and smartphones, we no longer have to perform simplistic logical tasks. We don't have to keep a proper calendar- Google does it. Calculator apps exist on every platform. Left brain things just aren't as necessary. So it seems like our right brains have taken over completely, opening us up to emotional outbursts, social anxiety, and telling everyone our life stories.

I'm not saying stop using calculators! But when you totally ignore math, science, and rationale on a daily basis because it's just "not necessary", you upset the balance. Maybe we could all stand to take a second or two to stop discussing feelings and talk about climate change. Or whatever you like.

(Climate change, though)