If there is one thing millennials love to do, it is to complain. Not every millennial, but some love to complain about everything they can at every chance they get. But if there is one thing in particular that millennials love to complain about it is articles that point out how bad they are. Here are three reasons why millennials getting so mad about articles is ridiculous. I will be referring to millennials as they in this article because millennials as a whole are not terrible so I do not want to lump all of us in with the ingrates. Enjoy.

1. Free speech is great.

In America, we have the constitution. If you people that love to complain so much would pay attention in school instead of getting triggered online all day you would know this. In the constitution, we have the first amendment that protects our right to free speech along with others. This means that anyone can say anything at any time in any way that they want excluding calls to action (such as yelling fire in a crowded theater) and other obvious restrictions. But one thing that is not restricted is being able to write and post an article about anything. So when you are getting offended by an article that points out the flaws in this generation, just know that you are completely missing the point of the article and are missing a huge irony by complaining about it. Also, if you want to exercise your free speech by complaining you are well within your rights to do so. Just know that when you do, people are not going to listen to you and they are going to think about how bad you are even more.

2. The millennial generation is, in fact, the worst.

So far, millennials have accomplished nothing. That is not because we are all terrible, it is because a good portion of millennials believe they have no obligation to do anything for the world. For example, 75 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters wanted him to be president simply to get free college and other "free" things. The generations before millennials have made great strides in technology, have won world wars, fought for civil rights, freed slaves, and made the world a better place. Thanks to millennials, no one knows which bathroom to use and everyone gets a participation trophy. So, next time you want to complain, think about what you have done for society. Are you in college? Are you in the workforce? Are you doing anything with your life? If you answered yes to any of the above questions odds are you don't complain about articles on the internet. If you answered no and were born between the years 1980 and 2000, odds are you are living with your parents and spend 90 percent of your time trying to get offended by something so you can play a professional victim.

3. It is just an article.

When a millennial sees an article attacking their generation, it seems like they feel obligated to point out how the article is "triggering" or "offensive." What they don't understand is that it is just an article. The article is not going to cause you any harm and you are not obligated to even look at it. If you are a person that is so thin skinned that you can read something that a person wrote and get so offended that you feel the need to voice how offended you are, you clearly have no valuable skills and way too much time on your hands. Please rethink how you want to evaluate a short piece of writing that someone else produced for no particular person and once you have come to the conclusion that being offended by it and complaining will do no good, please rejoin the rest of the reasonable people in the world. We would love to have you.

So, after reading this article it is obvious that someone is going to miss the entire point and they are going to feel offended. So if you are that person I would love it if you leave a comment about why this article bothered you, or better yet, please come find me in person so I can point out the irony face to face. If you are a millennial that realizes how ridiculous it is to be offended by an article on the internet, Thank You. You are a reasonable person and I thank you for that.