I Asked 8 Millennial Women Between The Ages Of 19 And 21 About Their Body Image
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I Asked 8 Millennial Women Between The Ages Of 19 And 21 About Their Body Image

Here's what they had to say.


Positive body image is something everyone strives to encompass. It's hard to feel one-hundred percent confident in our bodies when sometimes all we see are our flaws. Looking around, it's not uncommon to say we wish we were someone else.

However, most of the time, those people are thinking the same thing about us. For this piece, I wanted to get into the heads of a few young women and see how they view themselves and work to gain confidence in their bodies.

What is your favorite part of your body?

"My butt."

"My eyes."

"My boobs."


"My eyes, because I wear glasses and they're a part of who I am."


"My sexy back. Not my butt, my back."

"My eyes are my favorite. I think they make me unique."

What is your least favorite part of your body?

"My feet."

"My stomach, butt, and arms."



"My stomach."


"My nose."

"My arms."

When do you feel most confident about your body?

"When I'm dancing."

"When drunk, having sex, or wearing cute clothes that fit well."

"When I'm in a cute outfit."

"In a big t-shirt and Nike shorts because I actually feel comfortable and like I won't be judged on how 'cute' I look because so many people wear them."

"When my hair is straight and my makeup is done."

"I feel most confident when I'm with my boyfriend and he tells me I look good."

"I never really know when it'll happen, but sometimes when I'm wearing a killer outfit and am filled with happiness, I can strut confidently."

"I feel most confident in my body when I have a little bit of alcohol in me and I'm all dolled up. I also can't help feeling good about myself when my significant other calls me beautiful, especially when I'm in sweats with a messy bun."

When do you feel least confident about your body?

"When I'm sitting in a bathing suit."

"Trying on clothes, working out."

"When I notice everyone else at the beach."

"Bikini season."

"When my hair and makeup aren't done. Sometimes when I wear a swimsuit, but usually I'm alright."

"I feel least confident when I'm at the beach."

"When I'm unhappy and stressed."

"When I'm surrounded by stunning people, I feel least confident in myself. That sounds bad, but sometimes I only see the good parts of other people and the bad parts of myself."

Any advice for other people on how to gain confidence in their bodies?

"Find what makes you confident and do it. Whether it's singing, dancing, drawing. Do it. The more confidence you instill in your body the more you'll gain it in everyday life."

"I wish I knew."

"You need to believe that your body is beautiful with all its flaws. Everyone is made different and we live in a world that tries to make everyone the same size, and that's just not realistic."

"I believe that I was made in the eyes of God and He made me who I am for a reason. Whenever I'm lacking confidence, I tell myself that over and over again. You just have to own it. Everyone always wants what they can't have. You may want to look like someone else, but you have to remember that someone else wants to look like you."

"Your body is a temple and one that should be treated like that. Love yourself, because you're the only you out there. What you have, flaunt!"

"Acknowledge that it's all in your power to feel amazing! You're gorgeous, never forget it."

"Remember that it's important to take care of yourself physically, but so much of being beautiful relies on being kind, passionate, and uniquely yourself in life. There's no one out there who's just like you. I think that's incredible. If we all spend time wishing we were other people, the world is missing out on what we have to offer. Confidence starts on the inside, then works its way outward."

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