Countless. It kills me to consider the number of times I've heard my girlfriends discuss their fear of a body that isn't "summer ready." With that, I've compiled a list of affirmations and reminders that will help you ladies remember how beautiful you truly are.

1. You were born to be uniquely you. 

We are not meant to all have the same body shape. Appreciate and admire your unique structure and appearance and try not to nitpick.

2.  Be kind. To your mind and your body.

Treat yourself. Don't limit yourself to an unhealthy diet and compromise your health for the summer season. Be kind to yourself and don't talk yourself down when you cross a mirror.

3. A stranger see's your beauty, not your flaws. 

Not everyone views you the way that you view yourself. Those little insecurities, big or small, aren't as noticeable as you think.

4. You are MORE than your appearance. 

"Why do I love my best friend?" Think of the answer to this question as a reminder that looks do not matter.

5. Comparing yourself to someone else will only harm you.

Self-comparison is unhealthy when it comes to appearance. You will never feel truly satisfied if you use others as your goal.

6. Remind yourself every morning that you are beautiful. 

It never hurts to practice self-love. Try this exercise in front of your mirror when you're getting ready to take on your day. It'll feel a bit weird at first, but beneficial in the fact that it will slowly, but surely, build your confidence.

7. Think about all the amazing things that your body allows you to do every day. 

Arms that allow us to hug those we love. Legs that let us walk and travel the world around us. A voice that lets us speak our mind freely. It's easy to take for granted the things that come so naturally to some of us; be grateful for all that your body can do.

8. Think about your kindergarten self. Did you dwell on your image back then?

In kindergarten, what did you care about most? Take this mentality and run with it.

9. Beauty comes from within, babe. 

Liking the way you look is an added plus, one could say. What you have inside you is what will take you places, allow you to build relationships, and let you experience life. Beauty truly comes from the inside, not the outside.

10. Smile more. A deep breath and gratefulness will take you farther than you think.

Take a moment and consider what you appreciate and value. Meditate. Allow yourself to be reminded of what you have, and what matters most.

11. Acceptance.

Accept that who you are is who you are. You can change certain things about yourself, but if you surround yourself with the right people, you know that who you are is enough.

12. Consider a woman you admire most, and why.

Think about your biggest role model. For me, it's my momma. Never have I looked at my mom's appearance as a reason for why I admire her. So, think about a woman you are inspired by, and consider what makes her your role model. I guarantee you that looks won't be the number one reason.

13. Emphasize all that you love about yourself. 

EMBRACE! Find something you love. Big or small. Take that thing and celebrate it.

14. Enjoy life. Live. 

Once you step away and stop caring about the way you look, opportunities for growth are endless. Spend less time in the mirror, and more time experiencing all that is this beautiful life.

15. FORGET the camera. 

Who said it was mandatory to take pictures on the beach? Be present and enjoy the warm weather. There is no need to spend your beach days snapping countless photos that may cause you to self analyze on a beautiful summer day.