As a child of immigrants, this hits close to home for me. My parents immigrated to Atlanta, Georgia, in the mid-'90s. Their home country of The Democratic Republic of Congo was, and still is, enduring a civil war. I've always spoken about my family's immigration story because this is what's happening all over the world. I stay away from politics because of how messy it gets, but this has escalated too far to say nothing.

The Trump administration's immigration policy over people coming to the border in Mexico has started to take effect. Families are being detained by the hour and thousands of children are being torn apart by their parents. We've seen the number of children unaccounted for or "missing" rise by the day and there are currently over 2,000 children.

The government has continued to deny this but in the last week, we have seen what's really going on at these detention centers. This is what is happening to these children.

Inga Subac on Instagram: “I saw this pic on Facebook this morning. God my God... That's horrible... Those who do this or support this... they aren't humans... They…”

This is what's happening to these kids. From ages 4 to 10, children are being kept in cages and are forced to sleep with tarps on the floor. Babies are being snatched from their mothers and are being detained in detention camps.

These children are being traumatized, not knowing where their parents are, if they are alive or will ever see them again. These children didn't have a choice in coming here. They are being punished as criminals for something they are not responsible for. How is this the law? How can you label someone as a terrorist or a criminal for escaping violence and violation of human rights in their country?

This isn't a left vs. right argument. Both sides see this as inhumane actions and we are disgusting. This is an American problem that would've been silent if these visuals didn't come to light. This is beyond a party issue, this is a national issue.

You don't need to have family members from another country, you don't have to have children to care, you don't have to be a politician to have an opinion on this. You should be pissed off that this is happening under this government. I am ashamed to be a citizen and that we have lost humanity and empathy for human life. What has this country become where we've lost respect for human life?


This is not the law, these are violations of human rights. And to add on to the madness, the U.S. has withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council. This shouldn't be what America is. This country is not great, this country is a mess. I don't know about you but we aren't going to sit and watch this keep going. Call your representatives about the policy change, your words matter. Donate to the ACLU even if it's just a dollar. Go onto the streets and walk with fellow citizens in protest of this atrocity.

This is not what America should be.