Charlie Kirk's TPUSA Is Everything Wrong And Dumb With Politics
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Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA Is, Impressively, The Lowest Common Denominator Of American Politics

TPUSA embodies everything wrong with the partisan divide and how low-information we, as a society, have become.

Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA Is, Impressively, The Lowest Common Denominator Of American Politics

The American political climate is a toxic thing at times. Full of people who desire nothing but perpetuated and exacerbating the divide between "both sides of the aisle" as presented in American politics. There are many people who desire to return to days in which there was far more bipartisanship prevalent in our Congress and abroad. Though many people are responsible, there is one group that represents the most odious, reprehensible symptom of this divide which has been exacerbated: Turning Point USA, a group that, at best, peddles low-information attacks on everyone. At worst, it demonstrates hypocrisy of the highest order, and how low-info we have become. They are the lowest common denominator.

First, let's discuss the organization. Turning Point USA is an organization that is predicated on defending freedom of everything: markets, "minds," everything. This group was founded by one Charlie Kirk, who is originally from the suburbs of Chicago and who worked on Republican Mark Kirk's campaign (Charlie and Mark are not relatives). TPUSA has come to exert influence on college campuses through pervasive, easy to remember slogans, memes, and buzzwords that attract your attention. Freedom! Liberty! Etc., etc.

They supposedly stand for freedom and logic... Let me tell you that this just is not the case. This group epitomizes anti-intellectualism, idiocy, ad hominem attacks and other abhorrent, incoherent ideas and strategies.

First, on the liberty front. According to a New Yorker investigative article, TPUSA sought to take over campus governments (through some VERY illegal means, no less), and use those governments as auxiliary forces in their endeavor to eradicate other political views, going as far as planning to eradicate and defund organizations they identify as progressive. So much for freedom of thought, yes? So much freedom of thought that they... have to regulate the marketplace of ideas? On campus? Or the Professor Watchlist, which was used so conservatives could maneuver their way AROUND supposedly liberal professors. Freedom of mind? Yeah, that is remarkably pro-freedom of thought; straw-manning and demeaning professors, as well as making sure they can avoid having their views challenged (Projection is nice).

This is not even going into how Charlie Kirk seems to view people of other religions or beliefs — he has indicated atheism is a great moral evil:

Charlie Kirk / Twitter

Second, let us talk about logic, shall we? Charlie Kirk is the epitome of incoherency. Most memes are remarkably inane, using banal phrases such as "taxation is theft." How? Is that the only thing they can say? Where is the logic there? Screaming ad infinitum is NOT logical debate. Let's talk about the atheism comment; TPUSA has essentially endorsed the view that atheism is a great evil because of communistic nations such as the USSR and China... While ignoring secular Scandinavian nations, Uruguay, Japan, the United Kingdom, and other secular nations with remarkably high quality of life. That isn't logic, guys. That is a fallacy. I could bring up so many more examples; Candace Owens saying the Scientific American isn't reputable because it is a .com website, or her claiming George Soros should be locked up because... reasons. Or, my favorite, "socialist professors" should teach pro bono because "free college" (Since NHS doctors work for free in a single-payer healthcare system, right?).

Caricatures and straw man are not logic. Also, atheism is not a religion.

Lastly, this group is remarkably divisive. It is one thing to be civil and have a discussion about the merits of the free-market, single-payer healthcare and deficit spending. It is another thing to call your opponents Marxists/anti-American (even conservative opponents) for voicing an opinion that contradicts their worldview. Charlie Kirk, being the rabble-rouser he is, consistently resorted to demonizing the media for "not reporting" on stories they have reported on, as well as referring to Democrats, on quite a few occasions, as "anti-God," and referred to them as Marxists and anti-American as a result. That is not constructive criticism, that is smearing. If I referred to all Republicans as Nazis, I would not only be wrong, I would be contributing to the same divide that exists currently.

There is no substantive debate to be had with TPUSA folk, they regurgitate the same agitprop ad nauseam.

TPUSA embodies the lowest common denominator. Low-brow conservatism, even if this is from someone who is not conservative. This isn't William Buckley. This isn't John McCain. This isn't George Will. This is just trying to be provocative, utilizing caricatures and phrases with no logical backing behind them. They claim to espouse "limited government" while simultaneously having no quarrels with the deficit spending of the Trump administration, waging proxy wars, and wanting to silence other voices and groups on campus. They are not engaging with anyone in a constructive manner, that is why the YAF went after them (And, of course, they responded in typical, hypocritical fashion). This group is just an agitator and only seeks to increase the divide.

Thanks, Charlie Kirk. Thanks, Candace Owens. And thank you, Turning Point USA. Even though you all have exacerbated the deterioration in the relations between both sides of the aisle, you at least provide entertainment value in bad memes made from stock photos and embarrassing yourselves by dressing up in diapers and sticking pacifiers in your mouths.

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