Signs You Know You're Stressed About Midterms

'Tis the season: midterms. As a college freshman, these can be incredibly overwhelming. Actually, these are overwhelming no matter where you are in life- from sixth grade to senior year in college. Nobody likes the time where everybody is stressed, the library is always full, and no amount of caffeine ever seems to be enough. Stress is at an all time high, and sleep/mood/happiness is at an all time low.

1. You forget to eat

Until you get REALLY hangry, meals are an inconvenience.

2. Your shoulders are up to your ears because they're so tense


You can almost hear them telling you that you need to chill out.

3. You call your mom 10 times a day


"Hey, mom... yes I know I just called... I just wanted to know if you can have a heart attack from stress?"

4. You don't go to sleep until 2am at the earliest


Homework/studying/midterms = stress = no sleep.

5. You drink coffee like it's water


It seems to help you get more work done.. until you crash an hour later.

6. You get a cold


Thanks, immune system. I already know I'm tired and stressed.

7. Eventually, you give up


And result to ordering insomnia cookies and watching "Grey's Anatomy" for an unhealthy amount of time.

"Just hold on until fall break rolls around. It'll be here before you know it!" -every stressed college student to themselves

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