It's almost been a month or more since the fall semester has started. Exams have slowly been piling up and things are quickly picking up. You may feel lost or out of your element, but do not fear you are not alone. No one likes when setbacks or things get out of control. You may feel anxious, depressed, or frustrated etc.

It's okay to feel those emotions, but what is most important is your mental health and well being. Are you eating right? Do you get enough sleep? Do you have a mentor or someone you can trust to talk to?

College is hard and maintaining balance can be difficult in all aspects. However, if you are beginning to feel down and constantly stressed out, that's a wake-up call! You need to treat yourself to a day off the grind and go into relaxation mode. It's okay to take a break, it's okay to take your mind off things, it's okay to express your emotions. You deserve a break because you probably worked really hard.

You only have one life and you want to live it right. Go take yourself and do what makes you happy. Whether it be with your beloved ones, friends, going to an event etc. Do something that brings a smile onto your face. Taking yourself is important because you do not want to burn out.

Recharge yourself every weekend, and my first tip is by a making a "happy" list. Make a list of things that make you happy and when the times comes when you are feeling down, do one of the items on the list. Smile and laughter is a good medicine for the heart.

My second tip is to make sure you are eating well. Make sure you have a balanced diet and getting your full-on meals in. Food gives us the energy to proceed throughout our day and make sure to eat everything accordingly.

My third tip is to exercise. Get out there and get your body moving! Go to the gym, take a hike, or go for a simple walk with a nice view. Lastly, have a social life. Go out with your friends that support you through thick and thin. Talk to people who you trust and are comfortable with. You are who you are, depending on who you surround with. The first step people are afraid to ask, is for help.

Go ask for help and get the guidance you need. Lastly, stay positive and have faith. You can do it if you put your mind to it! :) I hope this helped and wish you well on your overall goals!