4 Tips for Adjusting Your Training Regimen Around Prostate Cancer Treatments
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4 Tips for Adjusting Your Training Regimen Around Prostate Cancer Treatments

Exercising and dealing with prostate cancer

4 Tips for Adjusting Your Training Regimen Around Prostate Cancer Treatments

Cancer of the prostate takes its toll on every aspect of your being, but regular exercise can help you improve your health while you take treatments. This post offers some tips on adjusting your training program while you’re in treatment. These tips will help you make the physical and mental adjustments that you need to make to get through your treatments while maintaining a regular regimen of physical exercise.

Continue to Exercise

If you have cancer of the prostate, then it’s likely that you’re going to experience some side effects. Continuing to exercise during your treatments can mitigate some of the effects that come with treatments. Side effects of these treatments can include thinner bones, weight gain, and an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease to name a few.

Expand Your Idea of Exercise

Getting regular exercise during prostate cancer treatments plays an important role in your recovery. That said, it’s also important to look at exercise with new eyes, particularly if you’re used to hard workouts. Any kind of physical activity, including gardening, walking, yoga, and swimming can help you maintain your strength even if you can’t go “full boar,” so to speak. Exercise in general also slows down the rate of growth for this cancer - an added bonus.

Accept That You’ll Feel Tired

All the different therapies that go with the treatment of cancer of the prostate can make you feel extremely fatigued, even if you exercise and eat right. That remains one of the chief reasons why it’s important from a mental perspective to expand your idea of what exercise is. That is to say, you may not feel like running five miles, but you may feel perfectly fine with taking a walk or puttering around in the garden. These activities give you increased energy and can help you battle the fatigue that comes with your treatments.

Exercise Can Increase Your Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem takes a hit on many levels when you’re dealing with cancer of the prostate. The hormones and other treatments may affect your sexual function and sex drive. The physical weakness brought on by treatments can also affect you mentally. Regular exercise strengthens your body and your spirit and can improve all of the areas that are negatively affected by your cancer treatments, thus improving your self-esteem.

While you may feel very tired during your cancer treatments, it’s important to maintain a regimen of physical activity if you can. The nature of your workouts may change, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless. The four tips in this post will help you make the mental and physical adjustments you need to make to continue to exercise while you recover.

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