Meet The Men Of 'Friday Night Lights'
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Meet The Men Of 'Friday Night Lights'

Which star football player would you date?

Meet The Men Of 'Friday Night Lights'

In the television series, Friday Night Lights the small fictional town of Dillion, Texas had a lot to offer. While everyone in Dillion shared their love for football, it's safe to say that we as viewers shared our love for the men on Friday Night Lights. Could you imagine going on a date with a star (or former star) football player? Who would it be?

Coach Taylor

Coach Taylor proved that chivalry isn't truly dead; he's charming, honorable and compassionate. If you are looking for a hopeless-romantic who enjoys having you by his side, then Coach Taylor is your man. He is also very successful and hardworking, especially when it comes to his football team. Could you see yourself dating Coach Taylor?

Matt Saracen

Matt Saracen is definitely the most genuine and sincere man on the show. He's humble and sweet. Matt isn't the one to settle or quit. He's committed, faithful and compassionate. Matt may be sensitive at times yet really tough and protective. If you're looking for a family guy who loves to spend time with his friends and grandma, Matt Saracen's your man. Could you see yourself dating Matt Saracen?

Tim Riggins

Tim Riggins plays the bad boy in the television show. I use the word "plays" because deep down inside he's really passionate and caring. Now when it comes to school, not so much. He is a bit of a mystery and a risk taker, but tough and hardworking. If you love to be spontaneous and your ideal date is driving around and having some beers, Tim Riggins is your man. Could you see yourself dating Tim Riggins?

Landry Clarke

Landry Clarke is the cool, nerdy type. He is super friendly, sweet and caring. He is the "put others before me" kind of guy. He is really bright and hardworking. Landry enjoys cracking jokes and being a little smart ass sometimes but only because he doesn't let people walk all over him. If you are looking for a loyal man who's attempt to being charming is sliding in a cheesy pick up line, Landry Clarke's your man. Could you see yourself dating Landry Clarke?

Vince Howard

Vince Howard takes over the star quarter back position on the East Dillion Lion's football team. Vince is a little (very) cocky, but only because he has personal goals in his life that he's putting in every effort to achieve. Vince does have a rough home life between his mom who's a drug addict and his dad who's spent most of Vince's childhood in jail, but instead of heading down the same road, Coach Taylor guides him into being tough and ambitious. He does have a little of a bad boy side but is very family oriented and when it comes to taking care of business at home or on the field, he is a very hard worker. If you are looking for that bad boy with a little soft spot, especially for his family, Vince Howard is your man. Could you see yourself dating Vince Howard?

Luke Cafferty

Luke Cafferty is a hopeless-romantic with a big heart. He's a hard worker who's ambitious and capable of anything he sets his mind to. Luke is a family man and was raised to be respectful and compassionate. If you are looking for someone to open up car doors and take you out on a picnic date, Luke Cafferty is your man. Could you see yourself dating Luke Cafferty?

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