Meet My Dog: New York's Finest Rosie Mae
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Meet My Dog: New York's Finest Rosie Mae

Wherever Rosie is, the party is!

Meet My Dog: New York's Finest Rosie Mae

About Rosie Mae:

  • Age: Four Years Young!
  • Weight: That's rude to ask!
  • Where they were born: In a shelter before her human brought her to her forever home
  • Favorite food: Bacon Bacon BACON! (and garbage if you're offering)
  • Current location: At home with her human, silly! Sunny, Shiny, Snowy New York!
  • Nicknames: Ro-Ro, Rosie, Rosie Posie Ro-dog, Rose, Rosalita, Rosemary, Bubba, Tank, Goldielocks, Chunk, Baby, Homegirl.
  • Best friend: Her aunty Miya
  • Favorite toy: Her brother, Bo the Cat! She loves playing with him!

5 Random Facts About Rosie Mae:

1. Rosie had two names! When she was born into the shelter her name was 'Precious' but then the person who adopted her named her 'Sadie' and when they sent her back to the shelter, her forever human decided to name her 'Rosie Mae'

2. Her breed is a Wienerspaniel! Spaniel mixed with a Daschund.

3. She has 5 adopted siblings. Molly the Maltese, Sadie the Pekingese, Bo the black cat, Maci the calico cat, and Big Ang the big pink fish.

4. She has a bad habit of going to the bathroom, in the bathroom. But hey, credit given where credit is due, at least she understands where humans go.

5. Once, she got sprayed in the face by a mean skunk who lives in her backyard but the nice policeman came and took that mean skunk somewhere else. (Actually, they shot it in the yard but we'll go with Rosie's version of the story)

3 Places They Love To Go With Their Human:

1. She LOVES to go to the vet!

2. She has the best time at the groomers where she gets all dolled up.


The Best Pictures Of Rosie Mae Ever Taken:

Read more about Rosie and adopting instead of shopping here: I Saved a Shelter Dog; But Really, She Saved Me

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