I Saw Walmart Yodeler Mason Ramsey  In Concert And, Folks, He's Actually Good
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Actually Liking Walmart Yodeler Mason Ramsey In Concert Left Me Shook

I thought attending a child's concert would be overrated and a waste of my time and money, but boy was I wrong.

Actually Liking Walmart Yodeler Mason Ramsey In Concert Left Me Shook
Lindsy Saranko

I went to a Mason Ramsey concert ironically and ended up having the time of my life.

We all know Mason Ramsey, AKA Walmart Yodel Boy. If you haven't, first of all, what rock are you living under?? Mason Ramsey is a young boy who went viral after a video of him yodeling in a Walmart dressed in full cowboy attire was posted on social media. Fast forward a couple of years past his social media debut, the young man is now an artist coveted by music festivals and famous venues alike.

He's performed at Coachella and even released a full-length album. All before the age of 13!

I never really followed the hype surrounding him. If anything, I probably kind of hated him a little, maybe even slightly resented him. This child was famous for practically nothing! So when I heard that Mason Ramsey was going on tour, I didn't think much of it. I almost kind of felt sorry for anyone who would spend their hard earned money on going to his concerts.

When I heard all of my friends were going, you can imagine how floored I was, how SHOOK I was.

How could I have chosen friends who actually enjoyed listening to Mason Ramsey? People who liked him un-ironically? I decided I was NOT going to go with them, no matter how much I wanted to spend time with my friends. It would have been against everything I had believed in about this child from the very beginning. So, when everyone was sitting at lunch buying tickets, I did not participate.

Fast forward a few weeks, to three days before the concert, and I find myself purchasing a ticket for $17 on a resale website. I cannot tell you why I decided to buy these tickets. It was probably a combination of wanting to go out for a fun night with my friends, wanting to see in person what all the hype was about, and also to be funny.

I mean, Yodel Boy Mason Ramsey is totally a meme, so how funny would it be that I went?

The answer: totally hilarious. All of my friends from home LOVED the fact that I went to a Mason Ramsey concert, so I basically became an icon. Just kidding. But it was super funny to go and to see so many of my friends' reactions to my attending the concert.

Now that I was attending the concert, I began listening to Mason Ramsey's discography, because I was not about to end up at the concert and not know any of his songs. As I listened to his music, I began to actually enjoy it.

I was actually getting EXCITED about this concert.

So the day finally arrived. I put on my flannel, my cowboy boots, and my cowboy hat and headed for Druid City Music Hall. To say I was excited was an understatement. I was extremely pumped. When Mason came out on stage, I was ecstatic. I loved every second of the Mason Ramsey concert.

Even though I hated Mason before, I love him now.

It was the best concert I've ever been to, and I hope his five seconds of fame doesn't end before he goes on tour again. I'm so glad that I made the decision to go to the concert ironically because I ended up having some amazing memories from it, memories that I will cherish forever.

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