The 28 Best Pop Culture Moments Of 2018

The 28 Best Pop Culture Moments Of 2018

From Kylie Jenner's new baby to kids eating tide pods, 2018 was a year for the books.


2018 was a year that served us so many memorable moments within the world of pop culture. From memes to heartbreaking deaths, and divorces of our favorite celebrity couples, the year had a ton of ups and downs.

That being said, it was definitely a year to remember, and I hope 2019 is filled with even better moments that top these.

1. The birth of Stormi Webster.

Kylie Jenner went nine months without anyone knowing she was pregnant. How did she and Travis Scott pull this off, you may ask? Anything is possible with the mastermind that is Kris Jenner.

2. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's whirlwind engagement.

Just a month after their relationship began, the pop singer and SNL star became engaged. Only four months later, they officially called it quits, and Davidson blocked Grande on all social media. With Davidson struggling with his mental health issues, I hope these two can still be there for each other.

3. Bobby Bones winning "Dancing with the Stars".

The "DWTS" community was furious after the underdog won the competition on votes and not talent. The uproar on social media caused so much backlash for the show that they decided to cancel their spring season in 2019. Hopefully, this break will be enough time for them to change up some of the voting issues!

4. All Black at the Golden Globes.

Women and men in the celebrity world joined together to support the "Me Too" movement by wearing all black to the Golden Globe awards. Speeches by Oprah and Laura Dern gave audiences, and women, hope for a better future.

5. "Roseanne" reboot gets canceled.

After receiving backlash for a racist tweet created by Roseanne Barr, her new reboot was canceled after only a few episodes. ABC made up for it by creating a new show titled "The Connors" which features the rest of the cast, without Roseanne.

6. "Mean Girls" debuts on Broadway.

Tina Fey brought her iconic movie to the stage and it was nothing short of incredible. "Mean Girls" is quite possibly one of the best movies of all time, and adding in some musical numbers takes it to a whole other level.

7. Heartbreaking celebrity deaths.

There were a lot of tragic deaths this year, from soul singer Aretha Franklin, to rap legend Mac Miller, designer Kate Spade, and Marvel creator Stan Lee. The world will miss them and their talents deeply, and we will continue to mourn for years to come.

8. Demi Lovato's overdose and recovery.

Demi's overdose was a heartbreaking moment, and one that reminded us addiction is a disease. We are so thankful she's doing okay and continuing to fight the fight.

9. Lady Gaga's big screen debut.

"A Star is Born" has never made me cry harder in my entire life. Lady Gaga's voice is angelic, and Bradley Cooper's acting was deserving of an Oscar. If you haven't seen this movie, you definitely live under a rock, and if you plan on watching it, prepare for nothing but tears.

10. Taylor Swift kicks off her "Reputation" tour.

This country singer turned pop star began her stadium tour this year, which won her a People's Choice Award for Best Concert Tour. It was filled with dozens of special guests, and Netflix is coming out with a "Reputation" stadium tour film to give all Swifties a backstage look of the shows.

11. Jonas Wedding.

Every girl's heart broke when Nick Jonas proposed to Priyanka Chopra this year, mainly because we wish a Jonas brother would propose to us. Their Indian wedding was something so magical, and we hope these two are in it for the long haul. It sure seems like they will be.

12. Kris Jenner's cameo in "Thank U, Next"

Possibly the biggest surprise of the year was Kris Jenner's cameo as Regina George's mom in Ariana Grande's music video. She is actual superwoman. Thank u, next, bitch!

13. The Fab Five of "Queer Eye"

2018 introduced us to five new loving, kind, and beautiful men. Netflix's "Queer Eye" reboot is all about acceptance and loving who you are. The world is a bit of a better place because these guys are in it.

14. Jelena rekindles their old flame.

It's hard to believe that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber got back together the same year Bieber married Hailey Baldwin, but it's true! These two have always been on and off, but they got back together in early 2018. Sad to see that they are done for good, but it's probably for the best.

15. The Baldwin-Bieber secret wedding.

Model Hailey Baldwin started the year at the Met Gala with Shawn Mendes but ended it married to Justin Bieber. How did she get so lucky? No one was sure if Baldwin and Bieber got married, but Baldwin changing her Instagram name to "Hailey Bieber" confirmed all the rumors.

16. "Black Panther" dominated the movie market.

An all-black cast made some major history this year. This movie kicked the box office's butt and made an iconic statement in the world of Marvel and film. It was nominated for various awards and was definitely a must-see. Wakanda forever!

17. Kanye West visits President Trump at the White House.

Yes. That's correct. Kanye went to visit Trump at the White House to discuss various topics including prison reform, mental health issues, and creating jobs for the U.S. Kanye 2020?

18. Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The 2018 Winter Olympics introduced us to some all-stars including Chloe Kim, Adam Rippon, and the Shibutani Siblings. It's hard to believe that the Olympics were this year; it seems like forever ago!

19. Mason Ramsey goes from meme to actual country star.

The Walmart Yodeling kid appeared on Ellen and then made his way to becoming an opening act on Florida Georgia Line's tour. His first single "Famous" blew up on the charts, and it's all thanks to Twitter for making him into a meme.

20. The Logan Paul Controversy.

After uploading a video showing a deceased corpse of a man who recently committed suicide, this famous YouTuber was hit with tons of negative comments saying he was mocking suicide and mental health. After apologizing and making up for what he had done, Paul donated $1 million to suicide prevention agencies and returned to his normal vlogging.

21. IHOP turns into IHOB.

TBT to when IHOP thought it'd be cool to fool everyone and "change" their name to IHOB. The "b" stood for burgers, and everyone went crazy when they thought they were getting rid of their breakfast menu. Turns out the company was only expanding their burger menu, and the whole thing was just a marketing stunt.

22. Yanny v. Laurel.

A video went viral on Twitter when listeners discovered you can either hear Yanny or Laurel through the audio. The internet went crazy over the debate, so much so that talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres discussed it on their shows. Don't remember this? Decide which word you hear by listening to the video.

23. "In My Feelings" Challenge.

Drake's number one hit was the song of the year, but now I can't even hear it without doing the dance. Kiki, do you love me? *Cue making a heart with your hands*

24. Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian while she's pregnant.

Just a little bit of time before Khloe Kardashian was about to give birth, her baby daddy cheated on her. Everyone's heart broke when we heard, and she's trying to work through what happened in order to create a loving family for her daughter. What a great momma!

25. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan split.

AKA the most heartbreaking moment of 2018. The best celebrity couple on Earth parted ways and didn't waste any time getting back on the market, as they are both rumored to be dating other people now. Excuse me while I go watch "Step Up" on repeat.

26. The Royal Wedding.

American girl Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and she couldn't have looked more beautiful in that dress; she was meant to be a princess! The two are now expecting a child together and we wish nothing but the best for them.

27. The Tide Pod Challenge.

Arguably the weirdest moment of 2018 had to be when teenagers started eating tide pods. They would film videos of themselves and dare their friends to do the same. This doesn't sound save, nor does it sound yummy, so I'm not too sure where or why this started. Like I said, definitely the weirdest moment of the year.

28. Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse confirm their relationship.

These two lovebirds had been rumored to be dating for over a year, but never confirmed their relationship until May 2018. The two play characters Betty and Jughead, who are love interests, on The CW's show "Riverdale". They finally revealed they were an item when they attended the Met Gala together. Bughead forever!

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Why High School Musicals Should Be As Respected As Sports Programs Are

The arts are important, too.

When I was in middle school and high school, I felt like I lived for the musicals that my school orchestrated.

For those of you who don't know, a musical is an onstage performance wherein actors take on roles that involve singing, and often dancing, to progress the plot of the story. While it may sound a little bit nerdy to get up in front of an audience to perform in this manner, this is something you cannot knock until you try it.

For some reason, though, many public schools have de-funded arts programs that would allow these musicals to occur, while increasing the funding for sports teams. There are a few things that are being forgotten when sports are valued more than musical programs in high schools.

Much like athletic hobbies, an actor must try-out, or audition, to participate in a musical. Those best suited for each role will be cast, and those who would not fit well are not given a part. While this may sound similar to trying out for say, basketball, it is an apples to oranges comparison.

At a basketball try-out, those who have the most experience doing a lay-up or shooting a foul shot will be more likely to succeed, no questions asked. However, for an audition, it is common to have to learn a piece of choreography upon walking in, and a potential cast member will be required to sing a selected piece with only a few days of preparation.

There are many more variables involved with an audition that makes it that much more nerve-racking.

The cast of a school musical will often rehearse for several months to perfect their roles, with only several nights of performance at the end. Many sports practice for three or four days between each of their respective competitions. While this may seem to make sports more grueling, this is not always the case.

Musicals have very little pay-off for a large amount of effort, while athletic activities have more frequent displays of their efforts.

Athletes are not encouraged to but are allowed to make mistakes. This is simply not allowed for someone in a musical, because certain lines or entrances may be integral to the plot.

Sometimes, because of all the quick changes and the sweat from big dance numbers, the stage makeup just starts to smear. Despite this, an actor must smile through it all. This is the part of musicals that no sport has: introspection.

An actor must think about how he or she would respond in a given situation, be it saddening, maddening, frightening, or delightful. There is no sport that requires the knowledge of human emotion, and there is especially no sport that requires an athlete to mimic such emotion. This type of emotional exercise helps with communications and relationships.

Sports are great, don't get me wrong. I loved playing volleyball, basketball, track, and swimming, but there were no experiences quite like those from a musical. Sports challenge the body with slight amounts of tactic, while musicals require much physical and mental endurance.

The next time you hear someone say that it's “just a musical," just remember that musicals deserve as much respect as sports, since they are just as, if not more demanding.

Cover Image Credit: Cincinnati Arts

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10 Shows To Watch If You're Sick Of 'The Office'

You can only watch it so many times...


"The Office" is a great show, and is super easy to binge watch over and over again! But if you're like me and you're looking for something new to binge, why not give some of these a try? These comedies (or unintentional comedies) are a great way to branch out and watch something new.

1. "New Girl"

A show about a group of friends living in an apartment in a big city? Sound familiar? But seriously, this show is original and fresh, and Nick Miller is an icon.

2. "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Ya'll have been sleeping on this show. It's a musical comedy about a girl that follows her ex boyfriend across the country. I thought it sounded horrible so I put it off for WAY too long, but then I realized how incredible the cast, music, writing, and just EVERYTHING. It really brings important issues to light, and I can't say too much without spoiling it. Rachel Bloom (the creator of the show) is a woman ahead of her time.

3. "Jane the Virgin"

I know... another CW show. But both are so incredible! Jane The Virgin is a tongue-in-cheek comedy and parody of telenovelas. It has so many twists and turns, but somehow you find yourself laughing with the family.

4. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been in popular news lately since its cancellation by Fox and sequential pickup by NBC. It's an amazing show about cops in, you guessed it, Brooklyn. Created by the amazing Michael Schur, it's a safe bet that if you loved "The Office" you'll also love his series "Brooklyn Nine-Nine".

5. "The Good Place"

Another series created by the talented Micael Schur, it's safe to say you've probably already heard about this fantasy-comedy series. With a wonderful cast and writing that will keep you on your toes, the show is another safe bet.

6. "Fresh Off The Boat"

Seriously, I don't know why more people don't watch this show. "Fresh Off The Boat" focuses on an Asian family living in Orlando in the mid 90s. Randall Parks plays a character who is the polar opposite of his character in "The Interview" (Yeah, remember that horrifying movie?) and Constance Wu is wonderful as always.

7. "Full House"

Why not go back to the basics? If you're looking for a nostalgic comedy, go back all the way to the early days of Full House. If you're a '98-'00 baby like me, you probably grew up watching the Tanner family on Nick at Night. The entire series is available on Hulu, so if all else fails just watch Uncle Jesse and Rebecca fall in love again or Michelle fall off a horse and somehow lose her memory.

8. "Secret Life of the American Teenager"

Okay, this show is not a comedy, but I have never laughed so hard in my life. It's off Netflix but it's still on Hulu, so you can watch this masterpiece there. Watch the terrible acting and nonsense plot twists drive this show into the ground. Somehow everyone in this school dates each other? And also has a baby? You just have to watch. It might be my favorite show of all time.

9. "Scrubs"

Another old show that is worth watching. If you ignore the last season, Scrubs is a worthwhile medical comedy about doctors in both their personal and medical life. JD and Turk's relationship is one to be jealous of, and one hilarious to watch. Emotional at times, this medical drama is superior to any medical drama that's out now.

10. "Superstore"

I was resistant to watch this one at first, because it looked cheesy. But once I started watching I loved it! The show is a workplace comedy, one you're sure to love if you can relate to working in retail. If you liked the Office, you'll like Superstore!

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