2021 Delta Fatique Has Become a Plague For The Vaccinated
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2021 Delta Fatique Has Become a Plague For The Vaccinated

You rant that I am interfering with your rights, so turnaround is fair play because you have no right to interfere with my life, yet you do it every time you walk outside your home unvaccinated and without a mask.

2021 Delta Fatique Has Become a Plague For The Vaccinated

Can it be Mother Nature is taking her vengeance out of the society that has no common sense? I think she is. Why do you think the earth is creating havoc all over the globe? Earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, floods, and disease. If we look back on the life of this planet, how many times have we learned through science that epic changes in the environment have caused the world to move in a different direction? However, I digress again.

The real puzzling question I need an answer to be, what makes the Governor of Florida want to be the moron of this decade? Many resolve to believe he has his slimy eyes on the White House. He truly believes his idol will hand him the reigns in 2024, and he will run the same lack of intelligent campaign as the orange-haired man living in South Florida. I think there is more to it than the White House, he likes the power and like the Governor of New York that went in a different direction with his ego, the Governor of Florida likes to see people suffer and die for his cause.

As a victim of this idiot due to no fault of my own. His executive orders for no-mask mandates and pushing the unapproved by the FDA drug Regeneron, instead of the emergency approved vaccine is as close to killing people as someone with an AK-47 walking down the streets of any city in the state and releasing rounds into crowds, office buildings, schools, churches, restaurants, and our ever-popular amusement parks.

I recently learned that I am immune-compromised, due to a bad situation that can't be changed. No one should have to worry that the person walking past in a building without a mask on is carrying a deadly virus that could put you in the hospital or kill you. It isn't like they have a sign on their forehead saying I'm sick stay away from me. That invisible AK-47 is out there with its sights on anyone that it damn well pleases to infect. Scientists know it has a mind of its own, they are trying their best to eradicate it, but instead it will keep mutating until it kills an entire generation of people.

We are at a crossroads to survival. It has come down to the protection and nature of the fittest. Too many of us walk around thinking the sun rises and sets for our existence. Hate to say it boys and girls, but it raised and set before you were born and will o it till after you perish. Get a grip on the reality of time and how important it is to dont' push back on the obvious, because you believe you are "An American," and nobody tells you how to live your life. It isn't up to you to decide how the rest of us live while you stand on the side of the road screaming into cars that your rights are being violated because you are asked to wear a mask.

Many more people will die, and our world will change, hopefully for the better. I know that most vaccinate people like myself are angry at the mindless nonsense that this pandemic has created. COVID fatigue is back with a vengeance. It is not the same, because this time we know this could be different if people did the right thing.

I fear for my life. I am not sure if this is what it is like living in a third-world country, but there are days that it comes close to that. I wonder how much more can any of us take. Stop standing on the street corners and ranting about your rights. You rant that I am interfering with your rights, so turnaround is fair play because you have no right to interfere with my life, yet you do it every time you walk outside your home unvaccinated and without a mask. Get vaccinated or put on a fucking mask for the sake of humanity.

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