Don't Pay The People That Want To Die....The Vaccinated Need It For Their Funerals
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Don't Pay The People That Want To Die....The Vaccinated Need It For Their Funerals

"Saying it is your right to choose not to get vaccinated is the same as choosing to run red lights. You might not die from it, but you will more than likely kill an innocent bystander, driver, or a family member in your vehicle."

Don't Pay The People That Want To Die....The Vaccinated Need It For Their Funerals

In the past several weeks, I have found myself and many of my family and friends becoming angrier at the lack of humanity of the non vaccinated people in our communities. My daughter uses this analogy that makes the most sense. "Saying it is your right to choose not to get vaccinated is the same as choosing to run red lights. You might not die from it, but you will more than likely kill an innocent bystander, driver, or a family member in your vehicle."

What keeps me awake most nights and scares me from leaving my house is not something I can see, hear, touch, or feel coming at me. It's that ignorance of a society that believes in conspiracy theories instead of their common sense. For the past eighteen months, this country was crying out for a solution to the pandemic.

The scientist, doctors, and political leaders insisted that masking, social distancing, and handwashing was the safest way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, there were skeptical people and there always are. The scientist took their many years of knowledge of coronaviruses and began working on a vaccine that could stop the spread and eradicate the virus if a significant amount of people took it.

So here we are, at the turning point in civilization, many are trying the hardest to follow the CDC and keep themselves and their loved ones safe and virus-free. I am one of those few that believes in science, have faith that our local, state and federal government is doing the best they can to keep us from becoming extinct in our lifetime. Sadly, I have come across those that refuse for a reason that seems more selfish and destructive.

I thought why not list the conspiracy theories I have heard in the last several days and give you my opinion about them.

  • The shot is really a tracking device that is monitoring a person's activities.

Well, I hate to dismiss this one so quickly, but really as you are reading this or other items on your cellphone don't you think if the government wanted to find you, they could? Besides Amazon, Google, Netflix, and any other search engine know more about you than you probably know yourself.

  • The vaccine has not been tested long enough to be safe, no one knows the side effects.

This is partially true; it was processed in rapid speed under the guidance of scientist and medical professionals that have decades of experience with these kinds of diseases. No, it isn't the same as AIDS or cancer. It is a virus that is transmitted through the air. It can live in a person for days before it becomes active even though it is infectious as that person shops, dines, and comes in close contact with other innocent people.

  • The government has no control over my body.

This statement is so counterproductive and angers most women. Seems the most "moral" people are protecting the rights of government interference with his body are also asking the Supreme Court to reverse Rowe vs Wade. Sounds quite hypocritical no matter how I see it.

  • Dr. Fauci created this virus for political reasons.

So, you really think the entire world was willing to give up their countryman's health and wealth for our political goals. Sounds a lot like an ego trip. I have a very hard time seeing Canada, France, and England jumping on board to bankrupt their countries while their citizens die of a virus that we created. Even better for them to play along with the rouse to benefit the United States.

  • The side effects of the vaccine have not been identified yet.

This is true, but the scientist is watching making sure to inform the authorities of any consequences of this vaccine. Also, it does not alter a person's DNA. The mRNA cannot rewrite your DNA. Its only purpose is to deliver the vaccine into your cells prompting them to reproduce the replicas of the "spike protein" that the coronavirus uses to latch onto and infect cells. The immune system recognizes these proteins as foreign and mounts a response to them. That is why after the shot the effects can cause your body to be weak and for a day or two possibly feverish because it is now teaching your body to fight the virus.

While my friends, family, and myself stay safe and follow the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control, many of these holdouts are getting bonuses for their lack of humanity. It is infuriating to me. I recently read in the Sunday paper that Orange County would pay their unvaccinated employees $200 to get vaccinated.

Stop giving them carrots they are not going to take. If offered $200 today, they will hold out for more and probably get it. My suggestion is to pay the vaccinated. We are the ones who will be carrying the cost of this pandemic for years to come. Our insurance premiums, health care costs, not to mention countless funeral expenses. Take the money back from the states that are bankrolling it for future agendas and cover the costs by paying each person vaccinated $2,000 a year for the next ten years. If you chose to not be vaccinated due to no underlying condition, then the government does not pay for your medical costs, if you leave your family on the hook for your principles that is your choice. You will not be entitled to a disability if the virus has long-term effects on your health as well.

Yes, I know this is a tough stand to take, but if France can require their citizens to get vaccinated before entering a restaurant or theater, we must also take a stand and hold the irresponsible to their actions.

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