creating march madness bracket

The Wins & Struggles Of March Madness Brackets

Bracket? Busted.


It's that time of the year again when you are watching NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness games, constantly checking scores, and hoping your bracket doesn't bust, instead of actually paying attention in class. You hope that your favorite team will finally win the championship after however many, if any, years. Your hopes and spirits are high and full of life. The adrenaline is running through your veins and you think to yourself: It's March Madness baby! With all of the hype comes some devastating downfalls. This is what the March Madness rollercoaster is like when you fill out your bracket.

1. When your favorite team never wins

You want to put them in your championship slot, but you also want to have the best bracket, and chances are you can't do both.

2. When your bracket busts in the first two hours of the first round

All of that effort into your bracket for...nothing. Well, there's always next year. Maybe.

3. When you try to pick an underdog and they lose miserably

No bracket is perfect, no bracket is perfect, no bracket is perfect.

4. When someone who knows nothing about basketball does better than you

It's just embarrassing.

5. When the "Cinderella" team makes it just way too far

A 16-seed beating a 1-seed? Then going to the Sweet 16? Hurtful.

6. When your favorite team is doing really well

Hyped. Up.

7. When your school's team makes it to the Sweet 16

You say: "I should've gone!" Your bank account says: "No."

8. ...And then to the Final Four

So close to the championship.. so close.

9. Finally, if the team you picked to win, wins the championship

The bragging rights (and possible bracket bet $$$) are real.

March Madness is all fun and games but comes with a great deal of stress. Have fun!

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Stephen Curry Breaks And Extends Personal Record of Most Consecutive Games With Five or More 3's Made

Curry has extended his streak to nine consecutive games.


Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry broke his personal record of seven consecutive games with five or more three-pointers made and has just extended it to nine games in Golden State's 116-102 victory over the Denver Nuggets on April 2. The NBA record for such games is 12, set by Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden. The Warriors have five games remaining in the regular season, so Curry has a chance to break Harden's record before the postseason unless the team decides to rest him.

Curry is considered by countless analysts and players to be the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA and is only solidifying that perception further with his recent play this season. He has racked up 340 three-pointers through 65 games, quietly the third-most in a single season in NBA history. The Warriors are currently leading the Western Conference with a 53-24 record.

Curry is known for revolutionizing the NBA with his shooting abilities, leading to teams utilizing the three-pointer more frequently with each NBA season that passes. His influence is seen in several teams around the league, as they are collectively attempting 11.3 three-pointers per game, an average increase of 4.9 over the past seven years. This is most evident with the Houston Rockets, a team that lives and dies by the three-point shot under head coach Mike D'Antoni. It is not a coincidence that James Harden has made 360 three-pointers with four more games to play this season, the second-highest in NBA history behind Curry's 402 in the 2015-16 season.

Curry is also known for sparking a resurgence in the Warriors franchise with his entourage of perennial All-Star teammates. The team has made four consecutive trips to the NBA Finals and Curry and his teammates look to make it five this season. They have won three championships in that time span, including the last two straight. The Warriors aim to be the first team since the 1999-2002 Lakers to three-peat with Curry at the peak of his prime at 31 years old.

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Kevin Durant Is The MVP Of The Playoffs So Far

His solid play and ability to take over games has made him unstoppable during his pursuit of a third ring.


Kevin Durant has had an interesting regular season in 2018-19. He has been asked nonstop about his potential departure from his current team, while also watching his team struggle in ways we haven't seen them struggle since Durant arrived, and also dealing with team-related issues. Through all this, Durant still managed to put up solid numbers, but he has turned it to another level this postseason, making him MVP of the playoffs right now.

During these playoffs, Durant is averaging 35 points per game and scored 200 points through a five-game stretch, becoming the fifth player to do this in the playoffs, a group that includes LeBron James and Michael Jordan. He has become a clutch machine as well, scoring 50 points during the closeout game of the first round matchup between the Warriors and Clippers and continuously hitting shots to propel his team to victories.

So how has Durant all of a sudden turned from the diva of the media to the best player on planet earth? He seemed to stop worrying about the media asking him about his impending departure from Oakland, leading him to activate his "playoff mode". Plus, Durant has been featured in the playoffs since 2011, so his experience is starting to pay huge dividends. He seems comfortable being in the playoffs and seems to want the shots on the biggest stages, something you must have if you want to win a championship in the NBA. It's the thing that made Jordan a six-time champion, he always wanted the big shot and would make them more times than not.

That's what Durant is trying to prove to everybody, that he belongs in the conversation of GOAT with LeBron and Michael. That chip on his shoulder has pushed him to another level this postseason and it's been fun to watch. Especially since it got annoying during the season when Durant would act like a diva when dealing with the media. The best version of Durant is clearly when he is locked in and just playing basketball, not worried about the other stuff.

We all know Durant is leaving this coming offseason, it has been no secret for a while that his interest in the Knicks is high after moving his headquarters to New York not long ago. With that being said, Durant is wanting to go out in style before ultimately leaving the team for a new city. It's a smart move if you want to be remembered by Warriors fans forever, it'll make the pain of watching the best player on the planet leave your team if that player won three straight championships, giving it his all in the process. Fans will likely shed more sympathy for Durant when he does leave rather than if he played mediocre in this postseason and the Warriors found a way to lose.

The Warriors are on their way to another championship, there is no doubt about that. If Durant continues to play at this level, he will win finals MVP with ease come June, adding a third ring to his growing collection. That will match him with rival LeBron and put him halfway to idol Jordan. With that being said, it's time to start including Durant in that discussion of him being one of the best players of all-time.

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