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It's that time of the year again when you are watching NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness games, constantly checking scores, and hoping your bracket doesn't bust, instead of actually paying attention in class. You hope that your favorite team will finally win the championship after however many, if any, years. Your hopes and spirits are high and full of life. The adrenaline is running through your veins and you think to yourself: It's March Madness baby! With all of the hype comes some devastating downfalls. This is what the March Madness rollercoaster is like when you fill out your bracket.

1. When your favorite team never wins

You want to put them in your championship slot, but you also want to have the best bracket, and chances are you can't do both.

2. When your bracket busts in the first two hours of the first round

All of that effort into your bracket for...nothing. Well, there's always next year. Maybe.

3. When you try to pick an underdog and they lose miserably

No bracket is perfect, no bracket is perfect, no bracket is perfect.

4. When someone who knows nothing about basketball does better than you

It's just embarrassing.

5. When the "Cinderella" team makes it just way too far

A 16-seed beating a 1-seed? Then going to the Sweet 16? Hurtful.

6. When your favorite team is doing really well

Hyped. Up.

7. When your school's team makes it to the Sweet 16

You say: "I should've gone!" Your bank account says: "No."

8. ...And then to the Final Four

So close to the championship.. so close.

9. Finally, if the team you picked to win, wins the championship

The bragging rights (and possible bracket bet $$$) are real.

March Madness is all fun and games but comes with a great deal of stress. Have fun!

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