While it's "cuffing" season and everyone is quickly falling in love with one another almost as fast as the leaves are falling, I am not. I don't believe in love at first sight (as I would be in love with pizza and wing); however, I do believe in a happy ending. I believe that it takes time to find the right person and I have plenty of time to do so. While I often think that I'll end up as a cat woman for the rest of eternity, I can't help but picture the perfect ending. Most girls have thought about it since they were little, I may just now be getting to this stage.

For us girls, we all have hopes about who our mystery man will be. Here are some hopes and ideas I have for the future us.

1. I hope we have endless adventures.

If you're anything like me, you will enjoy traveling to old cities and trying new things. Promise that even when we're old and having new experiences that you'll still hold my hand and laugh with me when I pronounce a word wrong. I want a best friend to travel with and laugh until my stomach hurt.

2. Yes, I like my pizza cold.

I have weird food cravings. I don't like my pizza hot and I eat breakfast for dinner. I hope that you embrace these weird habits I have with food instead of bash me for it. When I choose to go vegan for a week, promise not to get angry but instead support me. You'll know that my stomach isn't a fan of many food items anymore.

3. I have a terrible attitude and a sarcastic sense of humor.

I can be as cold as ice sometimes. If I feel disrespected or hurt, I won't talk for days at a time. It's a work in progress. I will do my best to share everything there is to know about me just as I hope you do the same. I will always protect myself more than I should. When the time is right though, I will love with everything I have. I have a big heart, it just takes some time to show.

4. I don't take compliments well.

Heads up, I don't like flattery or attention. I will not accept it, and it's not for you to keep telling me these things, it's because I do not feel comfortable with them. I have struggled with my looks and weight for a long time and I do not like to discuss it. So when I shake off your compliment, understand that I'm sure you meant well.

5. Thank you and I'm sorry.

Lastly, I want to thank you. For the man that I end up with will be a believer and kind. I know that I will learn new things about me I hadn't known before. Thank you for taking me on those midnight food runs when I'm craving french fries and sprite. Not only do I want to thank you, but I want to apologize. I will be stubborn and loud. I will most likely blurt out ideas I should've kept in my head. For this, I am sorry.

To the future us, I know we're gonna kick it like it's 1980.

P.S. I give you endless kudos for putting up with me. You rock dude.