Anticipating my freshman year of college, I was extremely nervous about making new friends. Sure, the course load and living quarters were stressful as well, but I found myself fixating the most on the possibility of having no one to share it with and confide in.

Having gone to the same school my entire life, I had never been thrown into a situation where I didn't know anyone and was completely on my own. Most of my friends I had known since elementary school, and some even from kindergarten.

In those days, all I had to do was learn that the girl I sat next to had the same favorite color as me or we lived close to one another and we would be best friends by recess. That very same day, she would give me her home phone number and our moms would plan a play date for us after school, complete with snacks and juice boxes. We would ride our Razor Scooters around the cul-de-sac for hours as if we had known each other for years rather than days.

To my surprise, I've found that making friends in college is not all that different after all. Asking someone their favorite color is actually just about as effective as it was in my kindergarten days, especially if we have the same one. Living close to one another, too, is still a bonding experience, especially when they agree that "water ice" and "hoagie" are the correct lingo. Unfortunately, there's no recess to look forward to, but breaks between class are just as good, if not better, for making friends. It isn't weird to ask someone to hang out that same day, either, because they're just as new as you are (although I wouldn't recommend having your mom set up the play date via landline). Snacks and juice boxes aren't completely out of the question either, although a trip to the dining hall or a coffee shop might be preferable.

Unfortunately, I have yet to locate either a Razor Scooter or cul-de-sac on campus. Yet, as I find myself celebrating my "weekiversary" with my new friends, it feels as though we've known each other much longer.

Being thrown into a new environment with no one you know can be extremely scary. Fortunately enough, this is just as new to all of the people around you, just like it was in kindergarten. Instead of curious five-year-olds, we're suddenly nervous 18 year-olds. In both situations, we have our whole lives ahead of us and years of experiences left to gain.

I always thought that making friends got harder as we get older. Fortunately enough, I've found that making friends at 18 is just as easy as it was at five. For me, making friends in college feels just like kindergarten.