Don't Forget About Your Friends When You Start Dating Somebody New

Couples have a special bond that truly can only be understood by the two individuals in the relationship. This makes it understandable that they spend a large amount of their time together. While your S.O. might be your world, let us not forget about the people in your life who love you just as much.

Especially as students, it's safe to say everyone has a crazy schedule. Between classes, work, and other responsibilities, it often becomes hard to hang out with the people in your life. With this, a lot of people will opt to spend any sparse free time with their significant other, even if it means just doing homework and watching a movie. If you can squeeze in time to just chill out with your partner, you can find time for a meal or short encounter with your friends too. In the event that you are completely pressed for time, why not hang out with everyone at once? Those who are extremely important to you will understand the need for this.

Just like a boyfriend or girlfriend, friends are people you can laugh with, open up to, and spend time with. With this in mind, why does society expect us to value romantic partners far more than the platonic ones? By dating someone, it's as if the quality of the relationship already outweighs the quality and quantity of a friendship.

Couples deserve to have their time together, but a balance between this relationship and their other friendships is necessary. Date night can be fun for couples, but girls' nights can be just as important! Never forget about the people who meant to world to you before you entered this relationship. We are allowed to have more than one person in our lives to fulfill us, so be sure to take advantage of it.

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